Ever wanted to try out additional themes on your Android device? Fed up of the old classic style Touchwiz UI, or the too-simple Stock-Android? Well, then you’re obviously going to try out some themes. The CyanogenMod Theme Showcase contains over a million themes to choose from, ranging from themes like Touchwiz, to iOS-style themes. But the CM 11 Theme Showcase is full of themes, right? So, which one are you going to choose for your phone, which will totally modify your phone and make it awesome? This little article is the one you need. Here are the top 5 themes for CyanogenMod 11.

1. Lumin Theme – $1.74


Lumin is a high resolution theme made for HD devices, and is very colorful. It is a beautiful theme with flat icons and long shadows. It has the looks of Google’s Material UI, which makes it even more attractive.

Let us get into depth about this theme..

  • The whole Framework has been tampered with, meaning all the animations and appearances will be given a refined look!
  • The System UI has been redesigned too, this means that there will be richer looks after you apply this theme!
  • The Settings app has been themed. You will find awesome switches for WiFi, BlueTooth and all. The color scheme for the settings app has been changed!
  • The Dialer application has been given new looks according to this theme. The button presses will provide you with Material-like animations.
  • Some system applications like the Keyboard have been redesigned, just check the Material Design looks!
  • Rich wallpapers have been added to this theme, blending with the color scheme!
  • Many Theme Engine icons can be downloaded after installing this theme!
  • The cLock Widget is pre-installed with this theme, and giving it a new look with the stylish-flat icons.

Make sure you check this theme out. A theme like this priced at a very low price deserves to be on the list! To download, just click on the link below.

Sorry, this app is not available!

2. Drop PA/CM 11 Theme – $1.99


With a stylish flat look, this theme makes up to our Top 5 list. Drop is a redefined theme, with simple, yet stylish looks. Not only is the system totally redesigned, but also some of the apps too! Let’s check it’s best features out!

  • Many of the system application in CM, like Apollo, Automagic Widgets, Calculator, Calendar,  CMFileManager, Contacts/People, DeskClock, Dialer, Documents have been totally redesigned, from tip to toe.
  • A ton of Google Apps like, Gmail, Google+, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Maps, Google Messenger, Google Inbox, Google Play have also been given a total new look, a flat stylish experience.
  • Some other system applications like the Keyboard and MMS apps have been themed too! Including the LightBulb and, and some third-party applications like Youtube and WhatsApp.

A ton of system animations/processes have been redesigned. Some of them are as follows!

  • Action Bars (Top/Bottom)
  • Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Clings
  • Fastscroll Thumb
  • Holo Dark/Light/Bright Values
  • Lists Background
  • Menu/Dialog Windows
  • Navigation Bar
  • Notification template
  • Number Pickers

This theme is the only theme in this list with so vast features, the number of application it has designed is incredible, also keeping in mind the other system-based applications! You can download this theme here:

Drop - PA/CM11 Theme Price: $1.99

3. Nue PA/CM11 Theme – $1.9


This theme is a little bit different from all those in the list, that’s why it’s been positioned 3rd. Instead of the old pattern of bright colors which immediately catch the human eye, this theme is designed not only to look awesome, but also to give a rest to the human eye. The theme Nue uses a light-color scheme which doesn’t strain the eye that much, and it has a flat UI, and is again optimized for XXHDP devices. Let’s check the key features of this theme out.

  • This theme includes all the ‘Nue’ stuff, meaning it has all of its own designed wallpapers, tones, custom lockscreen, and also boot animation.
  • This theme is made for low-end devices, only with a 512 MB RAM. However, devices with less than a 512 MB RAM are suggested to turn the boot animation off, else the theme would work just fine!
  • Like any other theme, this too has its own designed apps and system apps, but the difference is that it has WAY more tweaks and appearance changed than most of the themes out there!
  • The changed applications include the Calculator, Lockscreen UI, the Custom switches too change with this theme.
  • The list of ALL the designed stuff in this theme is as follows:
    • Quick Settings Icons
    • Settings Icons
    • Notification Backgrounds
    • Glowdots (Lockscreen, Google Now Swipe Up)
    • Action Bars
    • Flat Action Bars (Dark & Light)
    • Buttons & Checkboxes (Buttons, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Scrubber Tabs)
    • Navigation Bar Glow (Flat, No Shadow)
    • Notification Panel (Dark – Caribbean Green Elements)
    • Custom Switches
    • Dialog Windows
    • Alert Windows
    • List Views
    • Lockscreen Layers
    • Menu Windows/Lists/Dropdowns
    • Keyboard Text Handlers
    • Toast Frame
    • Calculator UI
    • App-widget Settings
    • Gmail Widget Header
    • Google Quick Search Toast Frame

The unique feature with this theme is that it adds a new easter egg! It’s meant to be a surprise, check it out yourself! Buy the Theme on Google Play Store:

Sorry, this app is not available!

4. Gem Emerald CM11 Theme – $1.84


You guys were expecting this, so here it is! Gem Emerald is a clean, flat UI theme for CyanogenMod 11. It starts off with an amazing lockscreen – probably the best part of the theme. There are over 200 icons that come with this Theme. There isn’t much to write about its features, but all I can say is that it has the great-looking Material Design font, known as ‘Roboto’, which gives the whole theme a new look. Gem Emerald provides the user with a clean, simple yet-awesome looking experience. All the icons are rounded up, so you have the true Material Design feel in your hands. This one theme is the most High Definition one in this list. It provides the user with beautiful wallpapers to choose from. Let’s check out its key features..

  • This theme has all the perfect Material Design animations. It feels just like you’re on Android 5.0, Lollipop.
  • All the icons are ‘Pixel-perfect’, in other terms, they are crystal clear.
  • The settings/switches look great due to the fact that thy’re all translucent! Not only are the settings translucent, but also the messaging application, so it gives you a good experience while messaging. Even the calculator is translucent, so Math will be fun!
  •  Over 200+ True High Definition icons to choose from! The choice never ends!
  • This one theme also contains a custom Boot Animation! So, it’s not the boring circle spinning around the CM logo anymore!
  • You may multitask a lot, so this theme redefined the whole experience, by theming the ‘Recent Apps’ just like the Material Design!
  • Optimized for phones, as well as tablets!

So, Gem Emerald is a great theme for the price it comes at! Buy it off the Google Play Store :

Sorry, this app is not available!

5. Flats CM11 Theme – $1.93


Wee! It’s time for the number 1 theme that managed to make it this far, and yes, this one stays in our hearts, this theme is the NUMBER ONE! You may think, why we’d  choose such a stock-like theme, and so sober at all, right? Well, the answer is, when you use it for a while, its smoothness and simple-yet attractive looks will change your mind! This theme is built keeping in mind the flat UI, which most of the themes use nowadays, and stock-Android like experience. Let us take a look at it’s key elements that make it so awesome..

  • This theme comes with 12 beautiful wallpapers preinstalled, they’re just a swipe and touch away!
  • This flat and sleek theme makes its UI simpler. This means it’s not that hard to understand.
  • The icons provide you with a stock-feel to ensure the user loves it, and feels just like he/she is using Material Design!
  • New boot animation gives a new look to your phone.
  • The stock-like fonts are always the best, especially when you need a fast and sleek UI theme.
  • Some of the system apps redesigned are, Clock, Contacts, Settings, Dialer, MMS, Calculatorand much more.

Buy this awesome theme from the Google Play Store..

Sorry, this app is not available!

So, we just saw some of the best CM 11 themes for your Android device running CyanogenMod/PA ROM. If you like our choice or if you think we have missed out some really beautiful themes in our list, let us know in the comments below.

Some More Recommendations

However, some themes almost made it to the top 5, but we found better ones. So, these are some of the honorable mentions…

Flux CM 11 Theme – $1.51 

Flux - CM13/12.1 Theme Price: $1.49

LessUgly CM11 Theme – $2

LessUgly CM11 Theme Price: $0.99

Veu CM11 Theme – $3.13

Veu - PA/CM11 Theme Price: $2.99

Fi CM11 Theme – $2.85

Fi - PA/CM11 Theme Price: $2.49

Neon Colors Theme – $1.72

Sorry, this app is not available!

So, this was the article, make sure you check all of them out!

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