Alarm clocks have become a common application for us nowadays. Every Android phone has one. The built-in alarm clock that your Android device has is great, but it could be better in terms of design and interface. While many people may argue about why to use a third-party alarm application instead of the stock alarm clock, some may definitely want a better and more optimized one.

The Google Play Store is filled with loads and loads of applications and games. Using a third-party application isn’t always better than using the built-in one, but in this case, you might want to think twice before choosing the stock alarm clock over this one. Timely is not a new Android application on the Google Play Store, but it is the best utility application so far. The stock alarm application on your Android device is not bad, but when it comes to the interface, the UI, and the design, Timely is the best opinion so far.

Timely offers a unique design and gestures to control the application. No need to tap on the screen a hundred times to set an alarm, just swipe up and down with your finger to do so. In Timely there are a whole bunch of features which will provide the user with the best of the best. Besides its unique and beautiful design, Timely has all the functions that a typical alarm application would need. We tested Timely in depth, and got addicted to it. We’re going to break down all the important aspects which makes Timely the favorite of many people and explain them in detail.


Usually, when we need to review an application, we always talk about its features, and the utilities that come with it. Timely is no exception, but the part which made Timely simply the best alarm application on the Google Play Store is its design. Timely offers a flat UI, with a beautiful color scheme. If you’ve been using an Android device for the past couple of years, you may have come across the Phase Beam Live Wallpaper. Timely has a similar approach with a better and much more beautiful design as its background. The animations which Timely uses are unique, and the transitions are simple. Have a look at the given screenshots to examine the beauty of the application.


If you don’t like the default color scheme of Timely, you can always change it by choosing a color scheme of your liking. But if you don’t like either of the color schemes, Timely lets you create your own one! You can customize Timely and make it totally yours. If you’re using Timely on an Android device running Android 5.0, Lollipop, it will change the color of your notification bar depending on your color scheme. Overall, when it comes to design, Timely rules all of the other alarm applications out, and provides the user with a flat and simple UI, and endless customizability.



The layout of Timely is another important aspect which brings it to most of our’s recommendation list. The way things are arranged is more important than the way they function. First impression is the last impression, and the first impression which Timely gave to us was eye-popping. There are mainly three screens to provide you the information. The first screen, which is the default one shows you the time, day, and date. The clock is very simple, without any thing fancy or congested. The transition of the time is just beautiful. The screen on the left is the alarm clock, where you will be able to set your alarm.  Finally, the screen on the right is the stopwatch one. This is quite unique, to get to the timer from the stopwatch on this screen or vice-versa, you need to simply swipe down/up. Take a look at the screenshots below.


To use Timely, you don’t need to tap a whole bunch of times to set an alarm, you just need to swipe. Timely offers simple gestures like swiping to set the time. Just swipe in from the edge of the screen, and swipe up/down to set the desired time. Using the stopwatch for breaking records has never been so fun. The beautiful wallpaper at the background responses to your touch. Overall, the layout and the gestures to use Timely are very easy and simple to use. Have a look at the screenshots below and examine the amazing layout and design of Timely.



Apart from the beautiful UI, the amazing layout, and the simple to use gestures, Timely provides the user with some amazing and unique features. The most notable one is the Smart Rise feature which simply plays a melodious music 30 minutes before the alarm, which might wake you up and start your day with a smile. The Smart Rise feature is based on the Sleep Cycle Theory, and will benefit the user in many ways, and provide him/her with a healthy and cheerful morning start. Another awesome feature which Timely offers is the ability to complete a challenge in order to kill/snooze an alarm. This will ensure that by the time you complete the challenge, you’re totally awake. You can choose from a list of challenges, such as the Shake to snooze/dismiss challenge. Premium users can benefit from the following extra challenges :

  • Math Problem: Yes, in order to snooze/dismiss the alarm, Timely provides you with a Math problem which you’ll have to solve.
  • Random Pattern: To dismiss the alarm, you need to draw the given random pattern provided by Timely.
  • Match It: In order to dismiss the alarm, you need to drag the three given shapes to their required containers.

Take a look at the screenshots below to have an idea of how a challenge is in Timely.


Apart from these amazing features, Timely also provides beautiful, hand-crafted and melodious songs to set as your alarm ringtone. Another notable and amazing feature of Timely is that it recognizes when you pick up your phone, and lowers the intensity of the ringtone. Think pressing the volume buttons is quite mainstream to snooze the alarm? With Timely you just need to flip it over! With Timely, you don’t need to worry about setting up all the alarms on a new device, you just need to sync it all. Get all of your configurations, and alarms from one device to the other by syncing. If you dismiss an alarm on a tablet, it will automatically be dismissed on your phone as well. All of your Android devices registered with the same Google account will be listed in Timely, so that you can simply manage all of your alarms at once.

Overall, Timely is best designed for big screen phones or tablets. You don’t need to worry about you getting up late for work ever again. Timely deserves a try, and I guarantee, it’ll soon be your default clock application. To gain those extra benefits like the extra challenges, and more color schemes, you can always upgrade to a premium account. Timely is overall a very simple and heavily featured application available for your Android device. You can download Timely using the link given below :

Timely Alarm Clock Price: Free

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