There has been widespread debate over the best camera app. And honestly, we know this is a topic not everyone can agree upon, but our camera crazy team has done its bit to come to this conclusion. Before we proceed any further, please note we are not doing comparison of image outputs. For now we are just concerned with the options & tweaks offered.

Cyanogen Camera originally came preloaded onto most CM ROMs but it got great popularity via the Oneplus, which perhaps was owed to good camera hardware. However, the CM Camera app, the real name of which was CameraNext offered multiple customized options that had not featured in a single bundle before. Some of these are:

  • Filters: HDR, Clear Image, Sepia, Night, etc
  • ISO settings
  • Video & Timelapse
  • Burst mode
  • Variable shutter speeds
  • Save as raw image

And these are just the major ones. The features brought a huge response of awesome images from the CM / Oneplus community.

If at all there was scope left, a developer from XDA community came up with a modded version that took the options to a whole new level. Here’s a brief:

  • Filters: more added
  • ISO settings: more added
  • Video & Timelapse: more options for video quality and time lapse interval.
  • Burst mode: more options of up to 50 shots in 1 click
  • Variable shutter speeds: more options added from as slow as 64 seconds [Tripod] to 1/1000 of a second [Daylight]

Of course, this brought compatibility issues. So far we have found the modded version to be working on all builds of Oneplus One only [16 GB, 64 GB, JBL Edition]. When tested on Nexus 5 & Nexus 6; the app failed.

Use the links below to download and let us know what your favourite camera app is. If you are unable to install via Playstore, the XDA link has the stock version as well.

Screenshots of the modded version for your pain.

sorry about the fonts, my lady friend prefers it all pink & smiling
sorry about the fonts, my lady friend prefers it all pink & smiling


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