Often we are struggling to find pen and paper for noting down a complaint number while we are on a call with a Customer Care executive. Or we need to note down important points while we are on a business call. Now there is no need to run for searching a pen/paper, you can make notes while you are on a call directly on your phone using Call Writer.

Call Writer by Photonapps is a simple application which makes taking notes while in a call simpler. You get a floating icon which when tapped opens a page where you can draw anything to take down notes. The floating icon appears automatically on both incoming and outgoing calls. All the notes are automatically saved when the call ends. Notes can be later viewed in the Call Writer application. Read the feature list for more details.


  • Call writer is activated when there is a call.
  • Click on the icon to open the page.
  • Easily take notes by drawing on the page opened.
  • Choose eraser to erase something drawn by mistake or press the reset button to remove everything.
  • Notes are automatically saved when the call is disconnected.
  • Notes are saved in the app and user can also share the notes.
  • Notes are saved according to date and time.
  • Freely edit notes during call using paint.
  • Continue editing notes even after the call has ended.

Note: This app will  work on Xiaomi phones if you enable the settings given below. Go to Settings -> Installed apps -> Call writer -> Permission manager -> Display pop up window -> Then accept it .

While there is only option to draw to take notes, it would have been better to have the option of taking notes using keyboard as the input. Everything else is right with the application, everything works works as it should. This application saves me time and I  need not worry about where did I note down the important things later on, as they are saved on my phone itself.  I can even share them to my friends using the Share option available in the application.


callwriter_4 callwriter_3 callwriter_2callwriter_5

The application is free to use and can be downloaded using the link given below. Though you will see some annoying ads while viewing your notes. For now there is no paid version to remove ads.

Call Writer Price: Free

Do download this application to save yourself from the hassle of searching for pen and paper while you are on a call. Leave us your feedback in the comments section below.

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