Unsolicited advice is never appreciated, but when in need, it can be worth of a life. Especially if you are talking about your data containing your grandfathers’ health reports or your project files which were needed to be reviewed next week at an international seminar. Technical problems range from data losses to erroneous connections which can cost you the whole device or computer you are working with.

Just imagine you somehow bricked your brand new costly phone, or you messed up your cubicles’ network connection! You cannot avoid problems, but you can always catch solutions, given that you meet right person at right time. That is what Swag is for you.

Swag is an app available on the Play Store, which takes questions related to hardware and software skills or issues and then provides you with answers to your digital worries. This team to its credit, has a whopping 15 years of experience providing everyday technical solutions to businesses around the world.

The most crowd cheering aspect of this app is, it is for free. If you were to avail such technical advice from a brick and mortar source, you would have to cough up a lot of your dollars off your pocket. This is a huge relief for businesses and everyday users alike who majorly rely on Google search or Yahoo Answers for sophisticated problems, which these search engines cannot be trusted with.

The unique rating system which allows both the parties, to rate each other keeps the quality and content at the top notch, thereby effectively eliminating spam and comical questions, likewise highlighting the challenges and effort of the team behind this revolutionary app.

If you own a couple of gadgets at home or one of those people who lives by the digital age, this app is undeniable for you. Sometimes free advice is the best advice.

Sorry, this app is not available!
Sorry, this app is not available!

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