Mozilla, the Firefox Browser developer community, has stepped into the world of Web Content Development to let its users create web content easily and in a better way. Mozilla Webmaker transforms Web users into Web makers. Mozilla’s Webmaker Android App lets you build original content like scrapbooks, photo galleries, memes, comic strips and more with ease.

Moreover, Webmaker is free, open-source and independent thus making it more flexible and anyone can make changes to the app accordingly. The app has a unique and flexible design which makes telling your story simple and intuitive.

When Mozilla started with Webmaker it was experimental and was in a beta version. But gaining popularity, it has made it official and is now available on Google Play for free and is open source. This is a more stable version so users can expect better performance from this app.

Webmaker is Mozilla’s way of addressing the lack of local content in mobile-first markets. Webmaker is available in four languages Bengali, Brazilian Portuguese, English and Indonesian with more to come.

The app allows individuals across the globe to create original content in their language and relevant to their community. Mozilla community came up with the idea of Webmaker application after an extensive research over it and asked by many volunteers for the same.

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Webmaker is an easy to use Android application with no complex toolbars just some simple instructions and users can create a range of content in minutes right from scrapbooks and art portfolios to games and memes. The simple design lets users focus in basic building blocks like text, images and links which can be shared with other users too.

Webmaker has been updated for users with poor connectivity and will experience better performance while offline. For more optimal user experience, shared projects can now be viewed on any platform -mobile or desktop.

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Mozilla has built Webmaker to empower first-time smartphone users and mobile-first Web users as active participants on the Web.

The idea behind this project was to introduce social and economic opportunity for individuals around the world who are only able to consume content and are not actively able to contribute content to the world. For passive web content consumers this could be a good opportunity to contribute. So when consumers become creators and when everyone can contribute equally, the Web becomes a better place.

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