Sony has brought a new experimental update to its Xperia X Concept firmware. The new build number 38.3.A.0.83 brought back a feature that replaces Stamina mode with Sony’s new Battery Saver.

Stamina mode was released long before Android’s Doze, but it was removed when Marshmallow arrived and in April 2016 it was reintroduced. Sony had plans to replace it completely in the future, so it worked on a new Battery Saver, which was introduced in the new concept build number of the Xperia X Concept firmware. The new feature comes with some of the functionalities of the old Stamina mode, which reduced power consumption without affecting the performance of the device.

So, users who will download Xperia X Concept Build Number 38.3.A.0.83 and activate Battery Saver in Settings>Battery will be able to extend battery life. The feature will come into action when the battery will get below a certain percentage, for example 50 percent, and users will choose what radios will be turned off. According to its description, “Battery Saver turns off power-consuming features and settings when the battery is below a preset level. You can customize which features will be turned off. Use when battery power is running low and you can’t charge your device. Phone calls and text messages are unaffected by low battery mode”.

It’s also important to turn off other services such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, auto-sync and to change brightness settings on screen. Apart from the Battery Saver feature, Sony has also added new camera quick settings and camera app shortcuts, which will now allow you to quickly take a video or selfie picture. Sony has also added VoLTE support for additional carriers: Vodafone in Spain and Three/EE in the UK.

The update comes also with VoLTE support for two more carriers: Vodafone in Spain and Three/EE in the UK. Also, in Quick Settings users will notice new camera shortcuts, which will be seen in the tap-and-hold menu.

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