There’s no doubt that smartphones have somewhat revolutionised modern day life. There is technology to help us in most aspects of life whether that be shopping or sending messages to friends and family, businesses rely heavily on remote workers and there are a number of business platforms which have also chosen to provide their programs within an App, like Trello.

Students have also benefited massively from this new technology as they are given more freedom in regards to how they learn in their own time and manage their coursework. There are a number of lecture capture Apps available such as LectureRecordings. This app is available through the Play Store for Android users and acts as an audio recorder and notepad, this allows students to capture their entire lecture so they can refer back to it later for revision.

There are also a wide range of exam preparation and revision Apps to download on different platforms. ExamTime is a web based app which offers students the resources to create revision charts, flashcards, mind maps as well as notes and quizzes. There is also StudyBlue which is purely a flash card based app which uses specific course information to provide flash cards for revision.

It’s important to take downtime as well when studying, streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime offer an excellent alternative to television and give you more freedom to watch shows and films that are specific to your tastes. YouTube also has a massive amount of TV shows and films uploaded.

Popular games such as Clash of clans which can be downloaded for free through Google play store or the App Store. There are also lots of online, browser-based games to suit everyone’s tastes with themes from South Park to Batman and Game of Thrones video slots from Betsafe. South Park has managed to maintain its popularity by incorporating comedy with current affairs, delivering relevant and thought-provoking episodes consistently throughout its 19 seasons.

The fundamental and most important use that students have for a smartphone is to keep in touch with their friends and family back home. Apps such as Skype allow you to make free video calls across the world and send messages and pictures from either a desktop or mobile device, there are also online messaging services such as WhatsApp.


The developments in mobile technology have been a benefit to the education system by providing a more engaging way of revising than just reading notes. A number of schools are beginning to implement iPads and other tablets into the curriculum which suggests that the industry of educational Apps is just at its beginning.

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