Smartphones entwined into our lives as if they earn the bread and butter for us. With the advent of smartphones, the social networking saw a great boost due to the cheaper data rates on mobile devices and also the mobility. Social networking is a necessary evil which will connect us to the people around the world with great experience. However, the Social networks had become an addiction rather than an utility which it should be. Most people buy Smartphones just to join Whatsapp, facebook and other social networks and to have fun time with buddies.

People were so addicted to see the grumpy cats and funny pranks on the social networks that they started updating their status as Feeding my dog which is hilarious. Social network apps and sites are like a maze where you be lost for hours without even knowing and we assume most of us spend not less than few hours chatting and browsing in such networks. For those who want to estimate how much time you were spending on social networks, the Social Addict app is the best choice in determining how much time you spent on particular social networking apps.

The Social Addict is the New innovative & open-sourced Idea to Monitor your Usage of social networks. This app calculates the amount of time you spend on different social network apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and many more, once it is activated. The app is fairly simple and does it job perfectly using as much minimal device resources as possible. We observed that the app is using as low as 5 MB of RAM on the device which is fairly low for apps that fall in monitoring category.


The app runs in the background once you activate it, and it will start the timers on different social networking apps on your device. Based on your addiction, it will determine your social addiction state. The app has an option to select which apps to monitor but it’s not working, which is a downside of the app. Also we found some popular social networking apps like Google+, Messenger and Hangouts were not included in the monitoring.

If you want to know your social networking addiction status, download the Social Addict app from below link and post your result in the comments section below. Once checking your Social addiction report, we are sure you will be amazed to see how much time you were spending (more like wasting) on unproductive work.

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