Lately, these two Android Apps i.e Google Text-to-Speech and Google Play Games have been updated and pushed to the Play Store server. Now, what brings us to the consideration is the new changes that have been merged along. Here, we’re gonna talk about quality features, since it is the thing that is out-looked  by the major crowd. Both the Apps are potentially very useful and comes in great use if you are aware of its usage tactics, personally, I’m fond of both. Google Play Games, when I am gaming and want my play area to be more social than be confined to me only, it definitely gives a sense of competition and fun when others are around in the arena. Whereas, TTS makes its use of voice under Google Maps Navigation, Google Now and several other accessibility Apps to turn your written on-screen text into a beautiful output voice.

Lets begin with both of them and their change log.

1. Google Text-to-Speech

It is an App by Google that empowers your device to read out the on-screen text. Google TTS makes its use in several Apps like Google Maps Navigation, Google Now, Google Play Books and many other services. It has a wide support for several languages including English (US and UK), French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish (Spain and US). If you’re interested in making  changes to voice that reaches your ears, then you need to amend the TTS settings, which could be drawn under Settings > Language & input > Text-to-speech output. This time, it took  a huge leap to version 3.0 and below is the changelog.

New version:

Updated on: 6th March 2014



  • English (United Kingdom) male voice available for download
  • High quality voices now available and supported for English (United Kingdom & US) only
  • New languages supported: Portuguese (Brazil) & Spanish (US)
  • UI updated for voice data management

Apart from the above, minor bugfixes are made as usual.

Click the download box below or download the APK directly from here and keep your TTS engine most updated.

Google Text-to-Speech Price: Free

2. Google Play Games

Google’s another unique innovation that was serviced out last year with the birth of Jelly Bean 4.3. It lets you brace all your gaming records and capabilities at one place, lets you share it with your pals and continue your old saves. Since its release, the App has been updated multiple times and has reached a worthy state, now it lets you discover new games, see what your friends are playing, join multiplayer games and compare your scores with your rivals.

New version: 1.5.08

Updated on: 6th March 2014



  • See invitations for multiplayer games
  • See who all are playing a particular game
  • Search for new and popular games under “Find Games” screen
  • Stability improvements and other bug fixes

Click the download box below or download the APK directly from here and keep your Play Games most updated.

If you’ve installed it already, let us know with your feedback, which is very worthy.

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