28 August, 2008 was one of the most important dates in the history of tech of all time. Way back in 2008, Google announced its very own market for Android apps. This market was known as the Android Market. With no more than 2,500 applications on the Android Market in 2008, Google didn’t hope for any success. However, in the year 2012, Google proudly announced yet another major market, this time, the Google Play Store.

What Google essentially did was make a culmination of all the apps which were available on the Android Market, the e-books available to download, and the music and movies available to enjoy, all into one single package, the Play Store. The Play Store we know now has over 1.5 Million applications, with more than 75 Billion downloads till date, beating any other app store out there.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. This isn’t exactly applicable to the Play Store now. With hundreds and thousands of applications released and updated per day, security has now become a huge part-and-parcel of our lives. We now need to think before downloading an application, and verify its functionality through the comments/reviews written down by other users. The only reason why we do this now is because of the amount of malware in today’s cyber world.

Among all of the security and antivirus applications available on the Play Store, today, we would like to share with you fancy users something different. No, it isn’t an anti-virus application to discard any virus on your device, and no, it isn’t a cleaner application either. RocketVPN, another great creation by Liquidum, is the application that we Android users have been waiting for. RocketVPN has a different approach, and yet a very powerful idea behind the mask.


Instead of uninstalling or discarding any malware/virus from your Android device, RocketVPN acts like a protective shield, letting no hacker, or virus enter your device. Also, RocketVPN can change your IP Address to make it harder for the hackers to locate your device. Have you ever had the urge to access a specific file/website which is not available in your region or country? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m always curious to have a look at geographically restricted content.

Well, with RocketVPN, you can! Not only can you change your device’s IP Address, but you can also change the world server it is on. I can stay in Switzerland, but can access content which is only available in England, by just changing my location to England, UK.

For the internet speed lovers, you can now simply change the server your device is on, and enjoy blazing fast bandwidth connections. Also, if you ever are on a public WiFi connection, then there might be a chance of date-loss, by hacking or by other means. Rocket VPN encrypts your data to keep your personal information safe. Rocket VPN also protects your privacy by preventing third party applications/websites from spying on your traffic.


Overall, RocketVPN is one-stop shop for an application, which will keep your data encrypted, and let you access geographically restricted content. You can change you IP Address hundreds of time to ensure that no website tracks you down. Surfing through blazing fast internet connection with unlimited bandwidth connecting is also available once you subscribe to RocketVPN.

RocketVPN is available on the Google Play Store for free. So, what are you waiting for?! Go grab this piece of marvelous art!

Rocket VPN – Internet Freedom VPN Price: Free

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