Scout Launcher, developed by Bento, uses the information provided by your device and the services you use, to help bring up relevant content on your home screen. This is a smart way for a launcher to display content based on your habits. There is a lot to learn from the way you use your smartphone and the service you use. Scout Launcher uses this information and integrates the information with its launcher to bring up relevant data right to your home screen.

Scout Launcher is designed such that your favorite Music, YouTube videos, top news are all on the home screen. You can prioritize your notifications, so you always keep in touch with your important stuff like reminders, mails, messages and more. It also has Smart Spaces that keeps the apps organized for you. Scout Launcher is smart, as it learns about your music choices from Spotify, Play Music, etc. and gets the lyrics for them. You can also place widgets on the home screen like Calender, Weather etc.

scout-1 scout-2

Here is a full summary of features from the Scout Launcher

  • Listen to Music from SoundCloud. Read the top News. Watch YouTube videos right on your home-screen
  • Prioritized notifications right on your home-screen so you never miss anything important
  • Scout keeps your apps organized in Smart Spaces
  • Get an Uber to your next destination and get restaurant recommendations from Yelp for when you get there
  • Universal search box to search across apps, contacts, play store, the web and much more
  • Get personalized concert recommendations for artists you love
  • Scout learns what music you play on Spotify, Google Play Music etc and finds you lyrics for those songs
  • Get beautiful Weather and Calendar cards at all times
  • Get your personalized Reddit Card so you never miss anything

scout-3 scout-5

Scout Launcher provides a unique way to make your work and apps organized through a launcher. With its intriguing features and unique design, Scout Launcher gives a tough fight to other launchers in market like Nova, Apex and Google Now Launcher. Scout Launcher has been renamed from Bento Launcher and has made its way to the Play Store as a Beta. So grab the Scout Launcher from Play Store and let us know about your experience.

Sorry, this app is not available!


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