Today’s cameras run the full spectrum in price, usability and affordability. On the high-end, prosumer market, there is an assortment of DSLRs from manufacturers like Canon, Nikon and Sony. For the true photographer, this is really the ultimate option. Superior image quality, a tremendous selection of lenses, and rugged utility make them the obvious choice for individuals planning to get years of service out of their gear and top-quality images. That being said, DSLRs are expensive and in many cases much more than a typical consumer needs.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the device you’re likely reading this on: your smartphone. True, pixel counts continue to go up every year, and so too does image quality. But put simply, smartphones don’t make very good cameras. Their low-light performance typically falls far behind dedicated cameras, and their focusing mechanisms leave a lot to be desired. Think about how many times you have to tap your screen when trying to take a group shot. Shouldn’t your camera focus where you tell it to the first time? And yet, smartphones are convenient, ubiquitous, and make sharing photos – via text, email and social platforms – an absolute breeze.

If the story of Goldilocks is to be believed, however, there has to be another option. If one is too hot and one is too cold, there has to be one that’s just right. The Samsung NX Mini might just be that camera.

Samsung NX Mini – the Camera of the Future?

The Samsung NX Mini might be the perfect camera for the individual who demands more from their smartphone, but is hesitant to lug around a full-frame digital SLR camera all day long. It is small, light, stylish and eminently usable. It fits in a pocket as easily as it fits in a purse, making it as intuitive to grab and go as your phone is. The kicker though, is that its picture quality could be described as being plainly superior to that of your typical smartphone.

What’s really clever about the NX Mini though, and what could make it the future of camera technology, is that it incorporates a touch-screen interface, intuitive operating system, and wi-fi compatibility for easy photo sharing. Samsung’s NX line of cameras – which includes a dedicated Android camera, the Galaxy NX (if you haven’t noticed, Android is beginning to take over the world) – aims to revolutionize the way that people interact with their cameras, and in turn, what cameras can provide their users. The NX Mini makes sharing photos as easy as a smartphone does, and with Adobe Lightroom built in, photo editing has never been easier either. It is a dedicated camera that, conceivably, never has to be plugged into a computer – that is the future. The Internet of things is here, and this includes your camera.

A camera still has one primary purpose though: to take photos. Thankfully, the NX Mini does this quite well. With its 1-inch 20.5 MP CMOS sensor, the NX is capable of producing crisp, sharp and amazingly high resolution images. This capability is particularly noticeable in low-light conditions, where a smartphone’s weakness as a camera becomes most apparent. Like most cameras though, the NX Mini still benefits from a solid base, or use of the flash, when it gets really dark out. During daylight hours, however, results are nothing short of superb – and with a shutter speed of up to 1/16000 available, you can practically freeze time (assuming there’s ample light outside). Have you seen those photos where friends are giving each other the Darth Vader force choke or are “hovering” in midair? The NX Mini lets you do that.

Is the NX Mini for You?

That is the question of the hour, isn’t it? Ask yourself what you’re looking for in a camera. If you’re shooting high school football games for your local paper, you’re going to want something a bit more robust, with much longer reach and much better focus tracking. If you’re mainly interested in taking selfies and posting them to Instagram, the odds are good that your smartphone is well-suited to your needs. However, if you’re looking for a dedicated camera that can be integrated into your life as seamlessly as your phone, then Samsung’s NX line, including the Mini and its Android camera, the Galaxy, provide exactly what you seek. They’re Goldilocks cameras.


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