Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has already been launched in South Korea. And, as rest of the world is still waiting for it, we have two new video of this awesome phablet showing its multi-window feature. As is evident from the videos, the Galaxy Note 2’s  multi-window feature is far more superior to that of Galaxy Note 10.1 which was limited to 6 apps at a time only. With Note 2, you can play with almost an unlimited number of apps at the same time. Moreover, you can resize the area of the screen for a window as you wish and then hot swap between apps.

You can access the multi-window feature by a long press on the Back button of the device. Doing this will prompt a semi-hidden menu. Just grab the menu with the S Pen and drag it to your preferred location on the screen. From the list of apps you will have to select one. Assign a space to the app and done! You can repeat the same procedure to open more apps.

See the videos below to have a better understanding of what the multi-window feature can actually do and how it will make your experience with the Note 2 richer.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]hOX3HYDwTCY[/youtube]

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]6RjPZIndKzU[/youtube]

via: SamsungMobile

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