Android is a Linux based mobile operating system and like any other Linux based OSes, Android is at its powerful form when it has root permissions. Rooting is an exploit technique used on Android devices to attain root permissions on your smartphone and to unlock a lot of awesomeness in the hold of your palm. In layman language, rooting is a golden ticket which will give you the ultimate power over the inner layer of the Android OS, so everything is at your mercy. However, you need to play it safe unless you want to turn your device into goo.

Rooting an Android device depends on many parameters like the chipset of the device, additional security layers implemented by the manufacturer and many more. So, it is a little more complicated to build a universal root tool that can root any Android device in its path but looks like there indeed is one root tool that can do this. Kingroot is a powerful one-click Android root tool that has the highest chance of rooting almost all Android devices running on the bygone Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, KitKat to the latest tasty Android Lollipop.

Kingroot 4.1 has fixed many logic implementations for Sony devices and extended support for many devices including the latest Samsung Galaxy S6. You can check the entire list of support devices from the below link:

List of Kingroot supported Android Devices

Kingroot is a one-click root tool which installs the following modules upon execution:

  • Su Binary: It is the most important part, the Su binary which will be installed to the /System/xbin directory on your Android device.
  • King User: This is the Kingroot version of the SuperSu app which manages the root permissions on your device. However, Kinguser app can also be used to remove system apps and disable autostart of apps.
  • King Master: This is another app from Kingroot which will improve the device performance by making the app hibernation automatic and archiving notifications.

King Master comes in the Chinese version, so you might find it hard to use it until the app developers push the English version of the app. However, you can choose to remove the King Master app anytime you want without any further issues but you will lose root when you uninstall King User app. You can replace the King User app with the much popular SuperSU app but it might malfunction at times, so be warned. Download the Kingroot 4.1 app from below:


Download the app and install it like any normal app on your device. Rooting your device is so simple, just follow the below instructions:

  1. Open the Kingroot app from the app drawer.
  2. If your device is supported, you’ll see a ‘Try to Root’ button at the bottom. Just punish it.
  3. The rooting process might take a while, so just be patient and don’t worry if the device reboots by itself.
  4. Once the device is rooted, you’ll see a Success message displayed on your screen.


If your device is not supported, the Kingroot app will suggest you to use the Kingroot Desktop version to root your device. Just follow the instructions on the screen to root your device with the desktop tool.


Isn’t it great to have a one-click universal root tool for all your Android devices? Tell us how the app worked on your device in the comments section below.



  1. Verizon Burner Phone LGE VS810PP Build:LMY47V Software Version:VS810PU4 Android 5.1.1 was successful to gain root even though not officially supported.
    However Kingroot 4.1 must be resided on the system since reboot may revoke root priv.
    Its lake of my knowledge but I hoped I could replace it with SuperSU but no luck, but Kinguser app does the same thing so works for me. I was able to install busybox so going to work on the bootloader and rom.
    I admire your hard work and effort, if you require Japanese translation just let me know.

  2. Hello friends ,

    It does not work in the version of my phone

    the problem that I have is that I try to update my phone with a custom rom, but at the time I CHOOSE the option ” update from external storage” tells me that disable, as active this option , apologies if not clear but I speak Spanish and I am using the translator

  3. i have tried so many method to root my Huawei Honor 4 X. can anyone help me really to find out the solution.even i also sent a mail to huawei cc for bootloader unlocker code.but this is also not fruitful. looking forward to hear from you.
    kind regards

  4. Root tools like these would definitely use the information of the device like IMEI and model number but the information is encrypted and the success rate is calculated. But we highly doubt that the original data is stored on their servers as that would cost a lot.

    It’s your decision to use it or not but we would recommend a thorough research if you’re not feeling safe. Anyway thanks for bringing this up 🙂

    P.S: If they are determined to hack personal mobiles, they would prefer to gather that information from OEM or Carrier servers rather than this unreliable source.

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