Some people normally, before going to bed, check there phone one last time, to check if anything is new. Time passes by, and we don’t feel sleepy anymore. Our eyes start straining, but we don’t get sleep. It is all because of the blue filter present in the device’s display panel. We sure can’t stop the habit of leaving you phone alone before going to bed, but we can surely reduce our eye strain. Twilight – an amazing Android application can do that for you. First, we’ll get more scientific about what causes us not to sleep.

Our parents/the older generation always tell us how they slept at a fixed time, and never were sleepy once it was morning. They are true. There is a photoreceptor  in our eye called the Melanopsin, which is sensitive to blue light. And, in our device’s LED, there are some lights emitted, and one of them is a blue layer. So whatever you do, even if you’re sleepy, your phone’s display wouldn’t let you sleep.

This is the reason why Twilight was invented – to temporarily disable the blue filter of light. Twilight adapts your daily life, and automatically turns off the blue layer, once it is evening and night. For this, Twilight will need to have the permission to check your locality, to know the sunrise and sunset timings. Obviously, like any other application, this will take some time to get used to it. The bright blue filter light will affect your eyes, and will cause problems, so using this app before going to bed, while on your phone, tablet or phablet will ensure that you get proper rest. This application also uses automation to make it easier for the users. Just wait till evening, and the device’s blue LED will automatically be disabled. There are many applications on the Google Play Store like this, but this is the best so far because of its automation.

You can get this application for free on the Google Play Sore :

Twilight: Blue light filter Price: Free

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