ToolWiz Privacy is one app that protects your personal information against big data tracking of applications. ToolWiz Privacy is basically a two in one app which forbids apps from being active or running in the background and also forbids apps from using the personal information giving out only fake personal information so that your privacy remains safe.

ToolWiz Privacy has been developed by a small team focusing on Android security in order to protect Android devices against data collection and ads pushing Apps.


Moreover, the Developers of ToolWiz Privacy have assured that their future updates would include exciting new features like album locker to protect photos from spying eyes and small tools to clear browser history.

They claim that ToolWiz privacy is the first app in the world that not only help eradicate big data tracking but also make Android devices keep running for more than 20 hours without charging using their helpful Privacy and App Freeze functions. ToolWiz Privacy has added shortcut to Home screen to open frozen apps and added an options to create shortcut to Home screen in settings in their recent update.

ToolWiz Privacy has two main functions App Freeze and Privacy Freeze

  • App Freeze lets you freeze applications completely and banish them from being active or running in the background. later the frozen apps can be opened from within ToolWiz Privacy.
  •  Privacy Freeze however avoid apps from using the personal information and provides fake personal information. You can edit fake privacy info like fake phone number, location, IMEI, etc. yourself and block unwanted actions of apps like sending and receiving text messages, making and receiving phone calls, etc in ToolWiz privacy settings.


To install ToolWiz Privacy successfully, you need to Android version 4.4+. Moreover, your device must be rooted and need to grant root access to the application. Once installed a quick reboot is required and you are good to go. Due to the increasing functionality into one application, the Developers of ToolWiz Privacy may create two separate apps instead of one. They are thinking of creating two distinct apps for their App Freeze and Privacy Freeze functions.


In short, ToolWiz Privacy is a powerful app when it comes to protecting apps from using your information and easily deceiving them by giving out fake information. Moreover, App Freeze is an impressive feature when it comes to saving up some battery.


ToolWiz Privacy | File: app-btows-release-1.0.3.apk (3.4 MB)

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