While HTC has been busy with creating 2 new smartphones with Google called Pixel and Pixel XL, the Taiwanese OEM seems to have found some time to add 3 more devices (HTC Ocean Master, Ocean Note, Ocean Smart) to its portfolio. The news comes from the well-known tipster Evan Blas aka @evleaks, who’s been a reliable source for HTC leaks in the past.

htc-ocean-preview-1 htc-ocean-preview-2 htc-ocean-preview-3 htc-ocean-preview-4 htc-ocean-preview-5

Earlier this week, a video from an HTC designer surfaced showing what was purported to be an upcoming feature with HTC software, dubbed “Ocean with Sense Touch”. The video depicts a phone that looks quite a bit like the HTC 10 but missing all forms of physical buttons around the device.

Instead, users navigate the UI through what is assumed to be touch points along the edge of the device. The video doesn’t go into full detail about “Ocean” or what “Sense Touch” is exactly, but one can assume that this is an internal presentation that could be hinting at the future of HTC.

Shortly after being leaked, the video’s original site was locked down with a password preventing anyone else from seeing the content. But as is custom with the internet, the video has made its way around now and sparked an interesting debate.

Is this something that HTC could be bringing to the table in 2017? Or is this simply something to spark conversation and will never see a public release? Regardless, it’s certainly interesting to see HTC moving in a unique direction.

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