YouTube is probably the best thing which has happened to both – Google, and the Internet. With over a billion views a day, YouTube manages to stay on the top of our entertainment lists every single time. Coming home from your job after crazy amounts of hard work, then opening up the YouTube application on your Android device is the most soothing experience ever. Everyday, tens and hundreds of videos are put up on YouTube – might it be your favorite tech YouTuber, or just a silly little funny vine, you enjoy the most out of it.

However, a person has much more than just to enjoy a YouTube video. With the amount of stress nowadays, you can’t have a sweet little time with just your YouTube app on your device. So, a busy person will absolutely want to listen to a leisure-full music. However, when you open up a video on YouTube, you can no longer listen/watch it once you turn your device’s screen off, or minimize YouTube.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simultaneously watch a video, and do the other important stuff on your Android device? Sadly and unfortunately, there isn’t any option (yet) integrated to the stock YouTube application that would allow you to do so. Wouldn’t it be just awesome if you were able to watch a video, and simultaneously chat with your best pal or colleague? With the growth of the Play Store, and the hundreds of applications pumping in it per day, it is now a hundred percent possible.

You don’t need root for this, nor do you need a beastly spec’d device. You just need one single application, and some brains obviously. So, without any further delay, let’s quickly have a look on how you can watch a YouTube video on a pop-up screen on your Android device.

Awesome Pop-Up Video

  1. The first step is to simply head to the Google Play Store, and download the Awesome Pop-Up Video app. 
    Awesome Pop-up Video Price: Free
  2. Once downloaded, go to the YouTube Mobile Site from your browser. This is important, as the application requires a full URL of the video that you’d like to watch. Also, you will not be able to fetch the URL of the specified video from the Android application either.
  3. Once you open up the YouTube mobile site on your Android device, simply search for the video that you wish for, and copy its URL from the address bar on top.
  4. With the URL copied, head to the application you downloaded earlier. Open it up. You will be greeted with a beautiful UI, and already some of the recommended videos. Pop-Up-YouTube-Video---Screenshot---2
  5. Now, in the URL box, simply paste the video’s URL you copied earlier in this procedure.
  6. Once done, press the little send button, and you’re good to go! Minimize the application, with the video still playing!Pop-Up-YouTube-Video---Screenshot---3

If this guide helped you by any means, make sure you leave us a comment below. Also, if you have any queries, we are always here to assist you!

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