PayPal is a popular money transferring service and serves an easy way to transfer money to other accounts or shop at e-commerce website and more. PayPal has grown its roots in most of the fields that involve money transactions. Now, PayPal has found a way to make it more personalized for you. PayPal has announced a new way to request money using a personalized URL. This peer-to-peer payment system has been introduced with its new PayPal.Me platform.

PayPal.Me allows you to create a personalized URL (e.g., by setting up your profile with a username. This URL can be shared through messages, e-mails or over your social network like Messenger, Hangouts and more. This will allow you to request money to everybody in your contact, which makes PayPal.Me a lot more convenient to transfer money, to and forth.

Prior to this, requesting money using PayPal was quite a lengthy procedure. You needed to log into your your profile on, then head to the “request money” section and enter in another user’s email address to create a request. Now as you have a personalized URL, these steps are eliminated and you can readily send the link to someone and request money.

PayPal has long been planning this peer-to-peer payment system. Paypal already has it running with its Venmo app that lets you request money or transfer money among your friends as a pay back for the borrowed sum, or split the check at a hotel, etc. However, Venmo is a mobile platform and with PayPal.Me, you can experience the same over your PC or mobile’s browser. Moreover, Venmo is limited to only U.S. banks, credit and debit cards. With Paypal.Me, the company intends to target its user base across the globe.

PayPal claims that it has over 170 million active users worldwide, who already take advantage of PayPal to send and request money. Although there is no mobile app as such, that goes along with However, the website is optimized for mobile browsers and all options are made available for the mobile website. The service is available in 18 countries, including the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, France and more.

If you would like to make a profile and and create a personalized URL, then head over to PayPal.Me and sign up.

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