Smartphone manufacturing OEMs, like Samsung, and HTC have always been on top of our priority picks when it comes to funding in a new device. Might it be Android, Symbian, or iOS, we all love to try out newer and newer devices with every passing day. While an average person cannot possibly afford a new smartphone very frequently, there are budget-companies which provide us users with some good devices.

One such company which was founded in the Q2 of 2014 blew our minds off. OnePlus, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer started off with nothing but a set of weak forums to help and solve other peoples’ problems. Soon, the CEO of the company, Carl Pei, realized that everyone needs a new smartphone these days. Once it was known that a new smartphone would be made by OnePlus, not many Android enthusiasts were too keen for it.

However, when the company unveiled the scarce amounts of their newly released OnePlus One, everyone were swarming over it the very second it was put up on sale. This was only due to the incredible low price of the smartphone, starting at $300 for the base-line Silk White (16 GB) version, and an extra of $50 for the Sandstone Black (64 GB) one. Since this was a heck of an experiment, OnePlus was well-aware of the fact that this could get them in some serious trouble if they started with normal sales.

Instead, OnePlus rolled on a new ‘Invite‘ system, which was nothing but a restriction to buying the phone. The Invite system soon became popular (in a bad way) due to the fact that many people weren’t lucky enough to get it. With time passing by, there was no hope for the end of Invite system, despite the fact that the OnePlus One was a huge success. Then started the long-run of the weekly flash-sales, where OnePlus soon realized that it was the time for them to let go of the invite system.

Soon, everyone was able to get hands-on with the OnePlus One because of the break-down of the infamous invite system. Earlier this month, OnePlus announced that something big was going to ‘shake’ the industry, and it was no doubt that people (including me) fell into thinking it was the OnePlus 2. However, it was just a full week of flash-sales where you could get the OnePlus One for a flat $50 price-cut on both the variants. OnePlus referred to this as an ‘experiment’. Soon after the end of the ‘experiment’, OnePlus was quite sure about it, and then permanently cut-down the price which you can get the OnePlus One for by $50.

While most of us might just think that this is just a way to get rid of the OnePlus One’s stock, and get ready for the OnePlus 2, it might just be a great tactic with increasing their revenue they got with the OnePlus One. What we know for now is that the OnePlus 2 might be announced in the Q3 or at the end of 2015. The OnePlus 2 is expected at a price-bracket of just $400-$450 (as unveiled by the CEO), which is a heck of a deal.

Since the OnePlus 2 might sport beastly specification like the new Snapdragon 810 backed up by the Adreno 450 GPU, it is probably one of the most anticipated Android device of all-time. Powered by 3 Gigs of RAM, it is really a deal to go with. For the pixel lovers, the OnePlus 2 might sport a 5.5″ 2K (2560 x 1440) display. While we are deviating from the topic a little bit, the price cut is a both a boon and a curse. A boon due to the fact that the OnePlus One is still considered as the ‘flagship killer’, and is a really affordable option in the market. A boon to the people who are waiting for the release of the OnePlus 2.

Anyways, the price-cut for the OnePlus One did ‘shake’ the industry as stated by OnePlus earlier. So, what do you guys think about the price-cut, and its relation with the new OnePlus 2. We love new and amazing theories by our curious readers! Do let us know in the comment below if you have any question regarding anything.

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