Ever since Chrome was launched, it has been a favorite browser for Android. Not just for its features but for its easy compatibility for all the Android devices and across all platforms. Of course Android and Chrome come from the same manufacturer Google and they have made sure that Chrome remains the best browser for android Platform.

However, for many, the browser experience does not go well because of the barging ads and pop-ups from Websites. There are other ways to block these ads but they require additional extensions, external apps which require root access and malware prevention. But what if the browser itself could block ads and not use external apps or extensions. NoChromo is one such browser which lets you do just that.

NoChromo is not a completely new app but has been built over Google’s Chrome browser. It is modified version of Chrome with functionalities to block ads and other pop-ups. NoChromo consist a lot of sources from Chrome for Android added to it.

It offers some built-in ad- and malware-blocking. NoChromo is not a port of any existing ad-blocking plugin for Chrome browser, it’s just a quick re-imagining of some of the parts. More over the developer has shown promise for further updates to NoChromo along with the stability updates of Chrome.

NO-2 No3

NoChromo has been coded in C++ and compiled directly into Chromium with a handful of ms per request, total memory use about 3mb). However, it only covers URL manipulation for now and it doesn’t modify page content (remove/hide ad blocks), nor does it keep track of the type of request which some ad blockers do for improved blocking.


Resource-wise ad-blocking using NoChromo is comparable to host-based blocking, but its blocking is much finer grained than hosts-based, and doesn’t require root. NoChromo’s technique is better as it does not play with the host files and directly block incoming ads from browser itself unlike other ad blocking applications.

NoChromo is a good enough app which provides dual capabilities of browsing and and ad-block feature including all features of Chrome.


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