Motorola had introduced the MOTODEV Android Portal back in 2009. The aim was to support and encourage developers with technical resources  to create quality apps for Motorola devices. Google, which now owns Motorola, is trying to revamp its acquisition gradually. The Developer Resources Page will be more open and conform to Google Android principles. November 1 onwards the MOTODEV developers  will be redirected to the new Developer Resources page on The official announcement goes as follows:

On November 1, the MOTODEV portal, tech library, support forums and social media sites will transition and we’ll begin redirecting users to a new Developer Resources page on for downloads and links to the rich set of tools, support forums and technical documentation now available in the broader Android community such as: Google Android Developers and Stack Overflow.

We will have to wait till November 1 before we can see the all new developer resources corner at Motorola’s official site.

via: MotoDev

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