Motorola is a company that has been around for several mobile device phases. It’s got us through the flip phone era and the slide phone phase as well. However, since the smartphone period has started, Motorola has been more or less in the picture. While going through several management changes, it put out quite the number of devices and one of its most popular series is the Moto G series. Some could argue that the Moto G series from Motorola is one of the original budget phone lines.

The devices pertaining to this line are fan favorites due to pretty much three main elements:

  • They are cheaper than your top dollar flagship smartphone;
  • They offer great value for the price you pay in terms of features and hardware components;
  • They just work.

Motorola’s Moto G5 is coming

Moto G4 was the last we heard from the G line, but it looks like that’s going to change this year. Fans that are looking to upgrade their G4s or try a Moto G handset for the first time should keep their eyes on Motorola as the company is preparing to bring out Moto G5, the next installment in the budget phone series.


No official word yet about the release date, but due to the circumstances we are facing, we can make an educated guess about when the device can be expected. On February 26th, the tech world will be attending the MWC 2017 event in Barcelona. Lenovo owned Motorola has already announced its participation and some new devices will be unveiled with more information about them. Among these devices, there’s a good chance that we could count Moto G5.


The official specifications are also unavailable at the moment, but considering the flow of the market, there are some points we can go over to see what could be expected. The first thing you see in a device is the display, and this one is believed to have 5.5 inches. Let’s move to what’s under the hood. First point of business is the processor. While we don’t know what it’s going to be, there are rumors of a Snapdragon 625 which would be an improvement over the G4 unit. In the RAM department, speculators predict no more than 4 GB, so that the device may keep true to its “budget phone” identity (and price tag). With all the recent shifts towards USB C, it wouldn’t be that surprising if Moto G5 would have the same port type.

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