Android, as we all know, is an open-source developing OS, free for anyone to use. However, when a geek talks about ‘Android’ in general, he/she does refer to its unlimited and mind-boggling capacities to perform tasks like Rooting, flashing Custom ROMs, and so on. But, to an average person, a phone is just a device which would entertain him/her at the end of the day. This is where Android’s and iOS’s media playback come in.

Media playback isn’t only limited to watching movies, or listening to music, but also refers to gaming, at least a little bit of it. I’m not talking about ‘GTA V Gaming‘ or something, just simple gaming. More and more developers have put their minds into creative ways on inventing new and much better games – especially a developer called ‘Ketchapp Studios‘. But, recently, a game developer launched a disgusting, yet fun to-play game – Microtrip.

Just as the name applies, Microtrip is a game where you are a miniature creature, but that’s not all! You literally are in a strange creature’s body, with obstacles like germs, which can cause harm to you. You set off to an adventure to go deep down in a creature’s body, with many obstacles and germs coming in your way. Why not get into a little bit more depth about the game itself, shall we?


The idea behind this game is incredibly simple, you are set in a creature’s body, and need to go as deep down as possible. The main obstacles you might face while playing this game are as follows:

  • Hard Objects : These objects are mostly fixed, or can be locomotive sometimes. Examples include hard ‘bean’ like shaped structures, and even ‘fan’ like spinning objects.
  • Small Bacteria : These are present all over your way down into the body, and can lower down your health by 50%, more on that later.
  • Big Bacteria : These ones are probably the most dangerous enemies in this game for you. One hit, and they can instantly kill you.
  • Jelly – Not sure if it is jelly, but it is somewhat the same. These slow you down, and can come in handy sometimes too.



Among the many interesting stuff in Microtrip, there are still some notable features, which are listed as follows :

  • Health : It is depicted on the top-left corner of your screen, and it depletes if not taken coins (or food) for some time. It can even slash itself down to 50%, or a total of 100% if you hit small and large enemies respectively.
  • Coins : These are probably food which help you regain your lost health. If not collected continuously, your health starts to lower down, and gradually kill you.
  • White Cells : These are present in the body of the creature you’re travelling in, and can be found occasionally. They are the same as power-ups, but in a weird way. Sometimes it makes you big, or small, and so on.
  • Different Levels : As you gradually go deep down, the level you’re in increases, and more are the chances of your doom. Each level is beautifully depicted with the change of color schemes.
  • Soft-Body Physics : The game is not only about the entertainment you get once started, but also about the amazing physics that it uses. Even big title games like Asphalt 8 fail to convince the players sometimes, but Microtrip obviously doesn’t let anything like that ever happen.


That’s been it for our brief review of this ‘disgusting’ yet amazing game. You can grab Microtrip for free from the Google Play Store by following the link given below.

Microtrip Price: Free


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