The patent trolls have been one of the major highlights in the world of technology this year. Innovation and litigation are rubbing shoulders with each other. The troll has affected almost all major tech giants including Apple, Samsung, LG. Google, which had successfully kept itself aloof from being a part of it so far, has now been dragged to court on a patent row along with Motorola by Microsoft.

According to the news coming from the reputed news agency Reuters, Microsoft Corporation is planing to add Google Inc. as a defendant in Germany in one of its patent actions against Motorola. It should be noted  that the two tech giants have come into a direct courtroom fight over mobile software for the very first time. In fact Motorola Mobility, which is now owned by Google, has been facing many patent infringement cases against Microsoft in the US and Germany  for a long time. Since one of the lawsuits involves Google Maps, Microsoft has also added the search giant in the patent row as a defendant.

“It became necessary to add Google to this particular case because Motorola maintains that it lacks sufficient information about actions occurring on Google’s servers,” said a Microsoft spokesperson. On being asked, a Google’s Deputy General Counsel Allen Lo said, “We want to focus on innovation, not litigation, but we’ll vigorously defend against any amended complaint Microsoft files.”

Since Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world, it can make a bigger presence in court. If Microsoft happens to win, other patent trolls could follow along and try to hit Google. As Android fans, we only can only hope that the matter settles well in our interest.

Via: Reuters

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