So I chose to go outside of my comfort zone.  I am a Slacker Radio man myself, and I just haven’t felt like exploring other music streaming apps. Songza focuses on your “mood”, and plays music that you may enjoy.  So rather then playing “New Indie music,” you would be playing “College life – music discovery.”

If I had friends, I would imagine this app being perfect for hanging out with friends. Imagine this: you get in your friends car and he looks to you, “What should we listen to?” You freak out and you think to yourself “ Oh man, I don’t want him to judge me on my song choice.” So you pull out your android and open Songza. Click on the “friday night drive” option and the “rock” playlist.  Now you have music that you can’t be held accountable for.

 This may just be me, but this is a common problem that I run into, and Slacker just doesn’t seem random enough.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but Songza is perfect to never use except for rare events, or if you are some kind of hipster that refuses to use Spotify/Slacker/Pandora.

 The interface is the easiest I have ever used for any app.  I am almost certain that I can train a monkey to do this, if I was capable of training a monkey.  Infact, it also is very appealing and looks really nice compared to what most apps look like.

And if you are some kind of hipster, or you just like finding new music, this app is worth looking at.  Now I have played around with all the buttons and options (most of it is just genre lists and “moods”), and I have been listening for more than an hour. A few things I have noticed. First is that I did not hear a song that I have ever heard before (understand that I am a big music guy that spends most of his day listening to music). In fact, when trying to find a song I recognize (for the sake of this article), I was pleased to find out that I have unlimited skips.

Slacker and Pandora have around three to five skips and then you need to wait (unless you pay for the full version).  And I have yet to encounter an ad. Yes, there is the one ad on the bottom that doesn’t go away, but it is not bothering anyone when the phone is plugged in and you’re not touching it. This actually concerns me. How can the developers over at Songza afford to operate this app, with how much music and all the other requirements to run a streaming service?  Do they run some kind of mob and use this as a way to launder money?  Surely that one little ad does not make all the money… does it?

If you have not tried the app out yet, just download it. There is no harm, its free and its a good app.  I would keep my eye out with this app, its popularity may explode and be standard in every Android phone.

Sorry, this app is not available!

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