Photos have been leaked of what might be the next Nexus device from Huawei. Google had already announced the next Nexus devices to come from Huawei and LG later this year but has not declared what they look like or even the specifications that they would possess. However, the alleged upcoming Huawei Nexus device’s photos have been leaked online. Tiessen Fu has posted three photos on Google+ of what the Huawei Nexus might look like.


The three photos that were leaked exhibit front, back and the third one consists something that looks like a standard protective case for the Huawei Nexus. As seen in the pictures, the back is labelled with Nexus branded with Huawei. This could mean that the Huawei has started production of its Nexus device. Previous leaks claimed the nexus device to come with a 5.7-inch screen, a Snapdragon 810 processor, and a 3500mAh battery.

huawei-nexus-leak2 huawei-nexus-leak3

The leaked photos of Huawei Nexus shows a camera, flash and a circular impression which could possibly be a fingerprint scanner or reader. Before this, there have been similar leaks of what the upcoming LG Nexus, successor to the Nexus 5, might look like. The alleged leaked photos of Huawei Nexus and LG Nexus shows a circular impression which could be a fingerprint scanner just below the rear camera. As these are Nexus devices, they might come with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow installed in them and one of the features claims fingerprint scanner supported in Android M.

Take a look at the leaked LG Nexus device.


These photos looks like they were take by one of the workers at the production unit of these devices. However, these are just allegations and could also be faked. There have been many leaks like these before; some of them were fakes and some were intentionally leaked by the manufacturers arguably for publicity. All we can do is just wait for the official announcements and launch of these devices by their specific manufacturers.

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