In Android, you have no limits to customize your device. You can change the look of a Mi device to that of a stock-android one, by simply installing the Google Now Launcher, or get unlimited themes by using CM. But to completely take control over the looks of your Android device, you need to root, and install a custom ROM, if you need it to look perfect. And, not many of the users may be able to do that with their Android devices! Some of the Droid users may not want to risk their device’s life on doing so! So in this article, we’re going to review an amazing application available on the Google Play Store, which gives the user to edit almost everything on their Android Homescreen! No need to root/flash a custom ROM anymore, Launcher Lab is here!

Every one of us may have used an Android launcher before, namely, the GO Launcher EX, or the Nova Launcher, even the Apex Launcher. But this launcher cannot be technically called a ‘Launcher’, because it is more that it! Launcher Lab gives the user the power to totally customize the look of your Android device, with just clicking on stuff, you will be able to change you device’s look from pure-Android to iOS style! With Launcher Lab, you can edit, create and delete any thing on your homescreen! Once you install the amazing application, you just need to set it as your default launcher, like any other one, and your device’s looks will just totally change with some of the homescreens pre-modified to look awesome! Here are some snapshots of the default homescreens….


Launcher Lab requires your Android device to be running at least JellyBean, and you’ll be able to taste the Material Design, and the Lollipop look! The icons are changed to give the user a Material-style. Unlike any other launcher, Launcher Lab uses minimum RAM, to ensure your device performs its best even at amazing graphics like these! Getting into more detail, you can modify almost everything you see on the homescreen. You can create your own screen, and design it the way you want! You can add your own text, select any background you like, even your own images. You can create a text box, and program it in such a way that it can open an application. You can change the font type, color, and the size. There are a ton of options available too. You can add a temperature information box, or a simple but gorgeous looking date and time bar too! Take a look at the below screenies!



If you’re lazy like me, and don’t want the pain to create and modify your own homescreen, worry not! Like many of the popular launchers out there, Launcher Lab has got its very own theme store, from which you can download and install some seriously awesome themes made by others, or even upload your own one! There are various themes like Batman. There is even one awesome theme that makes your Android device look like a Windows phone, by using amazing tiles. Refer to the following screen shots to get a better idea!


So, this review may have changed your mind, and you already must have installed this amazing launcher! Don’t miss this amazing application, for you can create and download unique themes for your Android device! You can get Launcher Lab by clicking the following link!

Launcher Lab - DIY Themes Price: Free


  1. Um. Why the hell would anyone want to theme their Android to look like a Crapple iFail phone?

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