Amazon has been calling the Kindle Fire HD the “world’s most advanced 7” tablet’ since it went on sale a month ago. And now the online marketing giant proclaims that the tablet has been the “best-selling product across all of Amazon worldwide”. An Amazon spokeswoman said that the claim was based on the number of total units sale. The company, however did not disclose the sales stats, or even clarify what it means by using the phrase “best-selling”. Whether the Kindle Fire HD is the “best-seller” of the week, month or all time- we do not have a word!

The Kindle Fire HD is a cheap 7 inch tablet with the price tag of $199 and sports 1280×800 HD display, Wi-Fi, 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor, etc. In a recent interview with BBC, Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive Amazon, told that the company has been able to maintain the tablet’s cheap price because it hoped to earn profit not from the sales but from the customer services raised by tablet’s users. There is no doubt that the Kindle Fire HD is one of the most popular tablet devices, but to say that it is the “best-selling” tab, you must present the stats, Amazon!

To celebrate the success of the Kindle Fire HD, Amazon has promised to roll out an update to their latest tablet that will be available over the air (OTA). With this update the Kindle Fire HD users will be able to enjoy “Kindle Free Time” mode feature that will allow parents to filter the contents that their kids can view and also fix the duration for watching them.

source: Amazon

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