OnePlus 2 was probably not the best of OnePlus but it was still a pretty decent device that did sell a decent number of units. Currently, the device runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow based Oxygen OS 3.5.7 which was released for the device recently. When Nougat is the new craze in town, Marshmallow may make some of you feel old, I get that. The answer to that is custom ROMs and if you are running a custom ROM, you know the stock Android camera just isn’t as good. Maybe it’s the UI or the picture quality, something is just not satisfying about it. If you were missing the OnePlus camera, we have the Oxygen OS camera port for you.


DroidViews takes no responsibility if something unexpected happens to your device while following this guide. The procedure described below has been tried and tested by many users. The steps are rather simple and we don’t expect anything to go wrong. We’ve taken great care to be as elaborate and simple as possible while assuming that you do know what you’re doing. Research, a lot of it, is the key if you don’t.


  • Rooted OnePlus 2
  • A custom recovery, preferably TWRP
  • Enable USB debugging found in Settings> Developer Options.

Since you must already have a custom ROM installed if you’re here, we’ll assume you have root and TWRP but just in case you don’t, look here.

Download Oxygen OS Camera port

Note: If you already have the OOS 3.5 camera port installed and wish to upgrade to the OOS 3.5.6 camera port, go to /system/priv-app/ using your favorite file explorer and delete oneplus camera and oneplus camera service. Then go to /system/framework/ and delete And then proceed.

How to install Oxygen OS Camera port

Just download one of the above files, boot into your custom recovery of choice, flash it. Done!

For those who’d like a more detailed step by step guide, continue to read on.

  1. Copy the downloaded zip to your device where you can easily find it.
  2. Reboot into TWRP. (Power off the device then press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously)
  3. We recommend you take a full Nandroid backup just in case something goes wrong. Select Backup from the TWRP menu to do so. 
  4. When you’re ready to flash the camera port, select Install from the TWRP menu and browse to the camera port file that you downloaded, select it and swipe to install. 
  5. Once the installation completes just select Reboot>System and you should be done.

If you were upgrading from the OOS 3.5 camera port to OOS 3.5.6 camera port, before checking out the camera go to Settings> Apps and scroll down to find the OnePlus camera. Select it, tap on storage and Clear data.

You are now ready to take great pictures with your OnePlus 2. If you face any issues, be sure to ask or refer to the source pages.