Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a successor of Galaxy Note (N7000). It has a brilliant 5.5 inch AMOLED display with the resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It has 3G connectivity with Quad core chipset clocked at 1.6GHz. Featured with 8MP rear camera it delivers best picture quality. Front camera is about 1.9MP which makes it perfect s-note device.

You can also make notes on the go with the autofocus on this Galaxy Note 2. The images can also be enhanced and shot in low light conditions with perfect LED-flash. The battery life on stock ROM is about 17 hours on 3G and it definitely pumps up with custom ROMs . Galaxy note 2 comes with Android 4.3 Jelly bean out of the box and Samsung promised updates too.

Resurrection remixes are one of the popular custom ROMs. They are known for their stabilities with the latest Android source updates from Google. A Good share of developers work for this community. Resurrection ROM is an open source and they happily welcome those who are ready to logcat and contribute. Resurrection ROMs are always up to date with regular OTAs. The community state Resurrection Remix ROMs are battery friendly compared to other custom ROMs. All-in-one Resurrection Remix ROM has a mix of features from many ROMs, including Paranoid Android, Omni, Slim, and AOKP.

It’s a plane truth we know about OTA these days. OTAs aren’t available as the device gets older. Now the Galaxy Note 2 users need not worry because today we will show you how to install Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Resurrection Remix on your not so old Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100.


This Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Resurrection Remix firmware has to be installed on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100  model only.

  • Make sure the device is rooted before going forward for custom ROM installation.
  • Installation of custom ROM requires clearing of memory in the smartphone, so make sure to back all the data by installing TWRP in the smartphone.
  • Users make sure you have installed USB drivers on the PC, or else your smartphone will not be recognized by the computer. Download them from here.
  • Make sure your device has more than 80% battery, or else there is a chance of smartphone getting temporarily bricked if the installation process is interrupted mid-way.
  • Though installing custom ROM improve the device’s performance and UI experiences, it will void your warranty.

ROM Features

  • Enable/Disable Navbar
  • Navbar Ring Switch
  • Navbar Ring Targets
  • Navbar Button Customization
  • Enable/Disable Show Notification Count
  • SuperUser Indicator Switch
  • Carrier label Colour
  • Smart Pulldown Switch
  • Clock Customizations
  • Network Traffic Indicator
  • Theme Chooser
  • ListView Animations
  • Gestures Anywhere Feature
  • Choose apps in App circle
  • Clear All Tasks Switch in Recent Apps
  • 100+ Icons for Shortcuts for lockscreen
  • Choice to Add 20+ Tiles
  • Enable 2/3/4 Tiles per Row
  • Backlight Timer
  • Backlight Strength
  • Double Tap Actions
  • Search Button
  • Overall Smoothness Improvements
  • Quick Unlock
  • Optimizations to Improve Battery
  • All CM12  Features

Warning: The author or the developer will not be responsible, if you damage or brick your device. Do it at your own risk and follow the instructions properly.


  1. Download Resurrection Remix Android 5.1.1 ROM from here and Google Apps from here to your PC.
  2. Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100  to PC via USB cable. Before plugging the phone to the computer, be sure that you have installed correct USB drivers.
  3. Then, copy  Resurrection Remix Android 5.1.1 ROM zip file and Google Apps zip file into the root folder of phone’s SD card memory.
  4. Now, turn off the device and disconnect from the PC.
  5. Then perform the regular Recovery Mode sortie by press-holding ‘Volume up’,  ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ buttons.
  6. After entering the Recovery mode, clear the cache memory by selecting ‘wipe cache partition’ and go back select ‘advanced’ and tap ‘wipe dalvik cache’.
  7. Go back to the main recovery, install Resurrection Remix Android 5.1.1 ROM  and GApps from SDcard.
  8. Once done with the installation process, restart the device by opting ‘reboot system now’ seen in the recovery menu.

Congrats! Now you’re remixed with Resurrection. Go ahead and customize your device to your heart’s content. If you have any queries do let us know in the comments below.


  1. My phone stucks at second reboot,versoin 5.5.9,Everything works fine at the first boot, all applications are optimised,i can download and install apps. but if i reboot my phone it stucks at the samsung loggo,i need to do a format wipe and then it works but i need to make the steps again,install again the apps ,whats the solution?

  2. Hi, I’m facing the same issue. I’ve found a half-way solution.
    Go to dialer app > setting > [last position on the list – I don’t have english version – don’t know this word] > turn “Enable proximity sensor” off.
    Now make sure you didn’t turn “End call with power button” somewhere in generall settings.
    Ok, make a call. Display remain on (but frozen). You can turn the display on/off by using power button. To end a call, go somewhere else with home button. Now You can swipe down status bar from the top of your screen. There’s your running call. Hit “end” and it’s done. I know – it’s no solution. But it’s something!

  3. After installing the latest ROM when someone calls or I call…the screen goes black…though I can see the call is still connected. I can listen to them and so they..however…screen remains black…NOTE 2 – thats the issue.

  4. i hav rooted device as required but cannot get the rom n gapps into the root file on my external sd that is in my device. does the root have to be on the device or can it be on the external sd like i have it now.
    many thanks

  5. after installation, device after reboot just view “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT N7100” and not boot comletly. i wait for about 15 min but nothing.

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