With the recent Google announcement, the news is already out that the new Android 6.0 is now officially titled as Marshmallow. This came along with the final developer previews and app tools that enable app developers to make apps for the brand new Google OS platform.

Among various bits of releases, there was the announcement of developer preview for Nexus devices. The developers were able to extract an app package of the latest, Google Now Launcher which was found running on the Nexus devices running the said preview.

The updates in the new Google launcher include updated user interface, a new set of wallpapers, several performance boosts, among many other. The only Marshmallow feature won’t be able to savor on devices running Lollipop and less, is the vertical scrolling feature which seems to be sitting in the core code of Android M. All in all the experience with the new launcher is worth a try. The Android M launcher seems to work perfectly on most of the devices but some devices are reported to misidentify this launcher.

You shouldn’t worry much about the compatibility, given that you are running, Android Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher, the app is apparently compatible with all the devices running above 4.1v. It is pretty easy to get and try the new launcher for free. Just follow the steps detailed below and you should be able to get a whiff of what Android Marshmallow is.


  1. As this is the app ripped out by the external sources, you should allow your Android to take apps from unknown sources. To do this, Go to Settings> Security > Unknown Sources.
  2. Download the APK from the link here.
  3. Navigate to Downloaded files from your browser.
  4. Open and Tap to install the app.

You’re done, pal! If you have trouble setting this up, do let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share your marshmallow experience with us.

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