One of the most notable feature of Android 4.2 is the ability to put any of your widget straight to your phone’s lockscreen. While praised by many, a large number of people also hated the concept. Next was the ability to add the camera to the lockscreen. This enabled the users to use the camera without actually unlocking the device. This whole concept can be seen as a security issue too.


Even though the device does really not need to be unlocked to use the widgets or rearrange them, one still has to unlock the device if they want to add a widget to their lockscreens. You can swipe left or right to use the camera and pictures can still be taken if the device is in unlocked state. Similarly, you can add widgets to your lockscreens and access them without unlocking the device by flinging the left or right on the lockscreens. The thing some people are concerned about is some of the widgets could disturb your privacy or could reveal some of your personal information to anyone who wakes up the device.

This can be overcome now. Thanks to XDA member chislon, an app was released to Google Play recently, named ‘Lockscreen Policy’. The app is designed to get you rid of the aforementioned things in a flash. The app lets you disable the lockscreen widgets as well as the camera with just a couple of clicks. This app is totally free on Google Play.

However, there are some limitations to this app as well. This app cannot disable the stock clock widget on the lockscreen and the music widget will also show up when you are listening to music. Unfortunately this cannot be overcome due to the Android 4.2 API but those who has got the root access can eventually disable the stock clock widget as well. There is an option for that called Clock Hack since the update 1.2.

For those who want to get rid of their lockscreen’s widgets, Lockscreen Policy is your ticket!


Be noted that this app needs the device administrator permission in order to work. When you start the app for the first time, press Activate and on the device administrators window, press Activate again. Now you can slide widget and camera sliders to on or off.

Download the app from Google Play! Here’s the link:
[appbox googleplay com.wordpress.chislonchow.deviceadminkeyguard]


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