The over-hype of some application leads to devastating results. This especially applies to applications from developers who are already well-known in the smartphone App Stores. Luckily, our Android ecosystem promises that any bug can be fixed with an easy to-do update. This not only brings about a lot of support to the users, but also ensures a feeling of security in case something goes wrong with the application itself. Messaging applications are such examples.

Speaking of messengers, there are tons of them available right now. Just open up the Google Play Store, and hop into the communication section. You’ll probably be blasted away with the millions and zillions of messaging applications. Like we already know, quality matters over quantity, so there are just some of such messaging applications which are dear to our heart. Some such include Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp, and even Skype to an extent.

However, the messenger made by Google itself wasn’t ever in the messaging game when compared to other services. I’ve been a keen user of Hangouts, Messenger, and WhatsApp for the past couple of years, and Hangouts is best due its sleek looks and professional touches. But, Google very recently pushed a much required updated to its messenger. This update brings about quite some UI changes, and a lot of internal overhauls. Let’s have a look at those changes, shall we?

What’s New

While not much really changed with this update, below are the key features which were revamped.

  • UI Overhaul : Hangouts has now been updated to a sweeter design of Android Lollipop, with some UI changes as well. It’s now much easier to add chats and conversations for a group. Like Android Lollipop was meant to be, Hangouts now responds to your touch even more fluidly.
  • Tweaks For Speed : With Google’s latest API used in many of its applications, the same has been done with Hangouts. Hangouts is now faster than ever. The time you had to wait just to see if a person is online or not has now been reduced dramatically. As revealed by Google itself, Hangouts now uses a ton less amount of battery, means you need not worry about chatting to your loved ones while on a single charge!
  • Simplified Interface : Gone is the much frustrating UI of Google Hangouts, and came the new one which brings about a lot of changes which have improved the way we share images, videos or even GIFs. Previously, digging into stuff was common if you ever needed to add a chat. Now it’s just one tap away.
  • Better Support For Android Wear : While you might not notice a lot of interface changes in the Android Wear version of Google Hangouts, the change has been done internally. Hangouts is even faster on you wrist than in your hand now! You can totally depend on the ‘Ok Google‘ voice command to send Hangouts to people.

As stated by Google, the update has already started rolling out. Who knows it might already be installed on your Android device as of now. Android users need not wait a lot of time for this update, as it is only around the corner now. Make sure to leave us your impressions down below.

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