Google Voice was a bit left behind but now after a wait of almost five years, a new major update is going to hit the service. The changes usually consists of some user interface revamps and tweaks to the app but the software giant announced that they will provide the long forgotten app with more updates as of now. The biggest announcement was that Google is looking to add VoIP integration within the app.

VoIP calls from Google Voice are now available via Hangouts but the app is specifically designed for business and enterprise customers. Google voice will have to get native VoIP integration in order to not fully depend on the Hangouts app.

According to 9to5Google, an employee of the company stated that they are working on VoIP integration for Google Voice with no further information being stated about when the process will complete but rumor has it that the Google Voice and Hangouts app will be entirely two different entities. Hangouts will also get some heavy encryption capabilities in the not so distant feature which will only make more businessmen opt to use the app for more improved security.

Not only is Google looking to integrate VoIP to their Voice service but they are also working with some wireless service providers to add Rich Communication Services to Google Voice as well. Google Voice will be able to make calls via WiFi with this feature and not only will users be allowed to make calls with their internet connection but also they will have the option to talk with anyone from around the world without having to connect to a separate cellular network.

Google Voice is set to receive a lot of important changes and Hangouts will be heavily improved in terms of security. Not only will these future plans will ensure that Google will benefit from even more users but also it will increase the software giant’s already impressive popularity among businessmen and regular users.

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