Google has been very apt in connecting all its web services with each other. You get a Gmail account that automatically creates your Google+ profile, and registers you to other Google services such as Google Chrome Browser, Google Search, Google Reader, Google Maps, Google Play, YouTube, GSync and so on. And now Google has connected the Play Store to Google+. It means that when you a review  an app, book, song or movie on Google Play Store, your Google+ profile name and picture will be automatically added to that review. This new initiative on Play Store is for both web and mobile reviews.

Now, it is a significant move on the part of Google and in the interest of app developers because their chances of being slapped with nasty comments would be reduced. We have seen people making objectionable comments about an app or game, for example, under fake names and hidden identity. The public disclosure of a reviewer’s identity will hopefully discourage and rein this  tendency. Besides, the anonymous review system was also responsible for deliberate defaming or hyping an item on the Play Store that often misled users. The reason why I said it is an apt move by Google is that this way the search giant will also be on the way to expand the impact and reach of its social approach. So, is this initiative from Google really a good one? We just hope that it will shun the Jerks as thay would not like to be exposed, while the Non-jerks would not mind their identity being disclosed to the world.

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