The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has been in the news quite a lot during the past few months. OnePlus has been using a clever advertising technique to build up the hype in the market and their success mantra is always word of the mouth. The OnePlus two is just around the corner and on the other hand, the manufacturer’s home-grown Hydrogen OS is drawing a lot of attention from the Android users.

For those of who don’t know, Cyanogenmod Inc. and OnePlus One’s agreement has come to an end in an unexpected way. As a result, OnePlus has been releasing their own version of Android to the OnePlus One users, first the Oxygen OS and now the Hydrogen OS. The Hydrogen OS is looking awesome on OnePlus One and I’ve immediately fallen in love with the cool interface.

It took a couple of searches in Google and a bit of digging before I got something that brought the look and feel of H2OS on my Cyanogen-powered device. If you’re owning a CM 12/CM 12.1 powered device or any custom ROM that features a theme engine, you could turn the interface on your device to look like the OnePlus One’s Hydrogen OS. All you need is the H2OS CM 12/CM 12.1 theme which is available for free on the Play store.

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Download OnePlus H2OS Stock Wallpapers

It themes everything that includes framework, SystemUI, dialer & contacts app, messaging app, calculator and settings. You’ll also get the stock Hydrogen OS wallpapers, icons, notification tones, ringtones and alarms. However, the notification bar should still see some modifications to mime the actual H2OS design but it’s the closest that you can get to the Hydrogen OS on your device as of now.

So, without any further ado, grab the H2OS theme from the Playstore link below and let us know if you like the theme.

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