Memo Reminders provide a unique way to remind yourself of the tasks you want to complete or stuff you want to do in near future through lockscreen and notification panel. Using this reminder app you no longer need to set alarms or timers and forget things, as the reminders are right in front of you, that is, on the lockscreen and the notification panel. So whenever you get a notification and turn on the display, the memos are there reminding you of it. All you need to do is feed in the reminder text and you are done. A notification is then created, providing you easy access to notes or reminders from any screen.

Along with the reminders, the app also gives you other options and settings you might want to use right to the notification area or lockscreen. This way, you no longer need to navigate through the app to make changes or find an option you need; everything is in front of you. You can also make the reminder sticky so that you can’t swipe it away and lose it. Moreover, you also have options to make it show up only on your lockscreen to keep your notification drawer clean or even mark a memo as personal to hide it while your phone is locked.

The best part about Memo Reminders is that you can assign custom actions to any memo. For instance, you can save an email in your memo and send it later with a simple tap on the notification that’s being displayed, or even save a map location for a certain destination you want to navigate to. Previous memos can also be accessed and deleted from the main screen.


Features of Memo Reminders

  • Highly customizable: set icon, short text, add longer description if needed
  • Show reminders only on lock-screen or only when unlocked
  • Keeps history of your memo reminders
  • No ads
  • Nice and clean design (I think)



Memo reminders is a neat app and comes with a beautiful material design that goes well with Android Lollipop. The app is free on the Play Store. However, the pro version unlocks useful features worth looking for, like adding actions on reminders that can be customized for dialing number, preparing SMS text and more, when you tap on the notification.

Memo Reminders Price: Free


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