Customization lies at the core of Android. There is no other OS that allows you unlimited options to modify the UI and use 3rd-party replacements for system apps. Every new flagship from major Android manufacturers come with a new set of goodies like new wallpapers, ringtones, clock weather widgets and so on. Since we cannot buy every new device just for a few new features and beautiful goodies, we start looking for the wallpapers, tones and app and widget ports and try to console ourselves by customizing with such things.

Wallpapers, icon packs and widgets are probably the most used popular means for beautifying the homescreen. You must have seen people sharing their beautiful homescreen setup on different social media sites. We all love to give a unique look to our devices and if you love clock and weather widgets, the Google Play Store has hundreds of apps that let you download cool widgets.

The Mobile World Congress this year unveiled two most awaited smartphones of the year. The Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and the HTC One M9 have already been launched. We have already shared the stock wallpapers from both the smartphones:

As soon as these devices hit the market, our developers will start porting apps from them. In most cases such ports work only on rooted device and work on a specific Android version, but what about those who don’t have root? Today, we’ll tell you how you can enjoy the all new Samsung Galaxy S6’s and HTC One M9’s weather clock widgets on any Android phone or tablet without having root. Yes, you can get these and hundreds of clock widgets easily by installing just one app.


Just install the XWidget app from the Google Play Store, open the app, go to the online store and download the widgets you want. Now add  XWidget to your homescreen, select the widget and you’re done!

XWidget Price: Free

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