TouchWiz may not be the best in performance for some users but it is definitely one of the most customizable versions of Android available as a stock ROM on Android devices. TouchWiz has far more features than any other manufacturer’s stock UI, while few may be gimmicks few are very useful in day to day usage.

TouchWiz has improved a lot since it was introduced. It has become stable and smooth to use with the latest Android Lollipop update. With good performance and customizable UI it makes the most desirable stock ROM among users. If you own a rooted Note 4 with a TouchWiz based ROM you can have more customizing options by installing this mod.

UPDATE: Try the Latest Font Package

Install 1060 Fonts on Samsung Galaxy Devices (Lollipop/ MM/ Nougat)

This mod enables you to install more than 300 fonts on your device. It is a modded SamsungSans.apk file which contains more than 300 fonts styles. The fonts are added to list of your stock fonts in the Settings application, no need to install a separate application. You would never get bored of your device, choose a different font whenever you want to make your device look fresh.

Things You Will Need

  • Rooted Galaxy Note 4
  • Modded Samsungsans.apk | LINK
  • Stock or stock-based ROMs only

Steps to Follow

  1. Download the required file on your device.
  2. Copy the apk file to this location using a file explorer with root privileges.
  3. Navigate to this location
  4. Backup the original SamsungSans.apk to a safe location and delete the apk file from “/system/app”.
  5. Now place the modded SamsungSans.apk here.
  6. Change the permissions of the file to rw-r–r–. To do so long press on the apk file then open properties and then choose change Permissions. (Steps for this may vary according to the file explorer you are using) permissions
  7. Reboot Your device.
  8. Now go into Settings > Display > Fonts. You would see more fonts are added here.

Choose from three amazing hundred fonts on your Galaxy Note 4. Leave us your queries in the comments section down below, we will be happy to sort out things for you. Keep visiting us for more amazing mods like this.


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