Just go to the Google Plus website, and see what it asks, your username, and your password! The username is obvious, most of the time it’s a name, but when it comes to the password, only the user owning that ID will know the password! But, nowadays, hackers can easily crack your passwords. Leave alone hackers, if your password is too weak, say it’s just your last name, or your pet’s name, an ordinary person will be able to crack your password, and access your ID.

Many of the users have the same password for all the websites, like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, and WordPress. It’s too dangerous, even if someone comes to know of the passwords, all the user’s accounts might be hacked. But, for creating a different password for everything, you might say ‘It’s too hard to think of a strong password for every website’. It is right, but this article is going to review an Android application which makes your life simpler by just generating a password on your commands – Password Creator.


Password Creator for Android comes with a gorgeous looking Material Design, so the user will not only love its features, but also its looks. Password Creator has great options to generate your password. Lt us check out its options in detail..

  • 1 2 3 4 –  Checking this option will enable numbers in your password.
  • A B C D – Checking this option will enable CAPITAL alphabets into the password.
  • a b c d – Checking this option will enable SMALL alphabets in your password.
  •  ` ~ ! @ – Checking this option will enable Special Characters, such as an Exclamation (!), Dollar ($).
  • mY sp3 – Checking this will enable Numbers, Capital letters, as well as small letters in the password.

Apart from the geeky stuff, Password Creator also features a meter, which detects how strong your password is. Also, so that you don’t forget your created password ever, this application also features a ‘Manager’ that will store all of your passwords created with this application. There is also a ‘History’ section in this application, which shows all the passwords you have created using Password Creator. This application also features a PIN lock, which has to be entered in order to access the Manager, and the Settings bar. Pounce into settings, and you find a ton of options. The most important one here is to change your PIN. There is a section in the Settings which allows the user to Import/Export any passwords, if in case the user has accidentally deleted the database.


Password Creator also has a Pro version, which includes:

  • Unlimited passwords in the manager
  • Unlimited history
  • Unlimited categories
  • Editable lists

A good feature of Password Creator is that the application doesn’t require any type of Internet Connection Permissions, so it’s safe to trust this application, while some of the others may leak your password on the internet. Overall, an application like this made to generate secure passwords is a must nowadays, so download the free version with the link below!

Password Creator Price: Free

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