Optimization and customization lies at the core of all development activities going on round Android or say, any other operating system for mobile phones. Having spent good money on a smartphone, it’s everybody’s right to expect decent performance out of it. Android is a great open source platform that is treated with different types of toppings by the different OEMs. As a result, you can see branded and customized UX  on Android devices. While Android, in its original form, is remarkably light and fast, its flavored variants from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc. do not perform as good. Samsung’s TouchWiz UX is a striking example of how terrible a branded UI could be!

There is a rampant competition going on among smartphone manufacturers for introducing the slimmest and lightest devices with biggest screens. We really love mobile devices with large display because of the pleasure they yield while playing videos and games and surfing the web. However, this sense of pleasure turns sour soon when we see the device’s battery draining fast. What is the use of a superphone with a host of features and big screen if we are not able to use a device a whole day long without being worried about battery?

Fast performance and good battery life, especially the latter, are the greatest concerns among Android users and that is why we are always up and ready to go to any extent to claim these 2 things. Many users involve with rooting our phones and installing a custom ROM because they desire for better performance and decent battery. However, if you have not rooted your device, getting your device optimized for speed and power efficiency becomes a relly tough job.

Luckily, the Google Play Store has some good apps to help you with this. Our today’s app Super Optimize is an extremely useful utility for optimizing Android devices and improving battery performance. Unlike most other tools in its category, this app does not require root.


Super Optimize has a beautiful UI but it is the functionality part that impresses us most. Just as you open the app you can see a clean interface that allows you to easily optimize the RAM and ROM memory. With lots of more free RAM, you can notice remarkable difference in your device’s performance.

Since Super Optimize does not rely on root permission on your phone, it uses rather known ways to save battery power by toggling battery-eating features like WiFi, Bluetooth, back-light, synchronization, sound profiles, etc. The device optimization features offered by this app does not end here. It also lets you perform tasks like uninstalling apps, clearing device history that unnecessarily occupy space on your device, move apps to SD card, customize volume levels and screen brightness.


Super Optimize is a free app and it is ad-free too. Just download it from the Play Store and enjoy better performance and battery life on your android phone or tablet device.

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