We click pictures, videos everyday using our mobile phones or download important documents everyday and sometimes later it becomes a big database and can be vulnerable to thefts. Hence we need to protect all our files and password protection is not enough.

You need to encrypt your files. Encryption is a process to convert information or data into a code, especially to prevent unauthorized access. If you are looking for protecting your files then Fileseal is a must have app on your device. It is an Automated Encryption and Cloud Storage Synchronization Android app.

Fileseal aims to protect all your files including images, videos and doc files generating encryption keys and thus protect it from unauthorized access. It encrypts your files and syncs the encrypted files with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive so your files are safe every time and can be accessed from anywhere across devices.

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It’s fast, simple and secure as it encrypts files with keys derived from a given password, keeping the file content secure. The major advantage is that you can keep encrypted files in sync with cloud storage services, including Dropbox and Google Drive. Encryption and synchronization operations are performed regularly in a background service.

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When configured on a target folder, existing and newly added files under the folder (and/or its subfolders) would be automatically encrypted. The encrypted files would be stored in the target folder under encrypted subfolders and sync with the cloud storage services if configured. You can use Document Provider to protect folders from SD card.

Features of Fileseal

  • Provable Security
    The encryption protocol is built on cryptographic algorithms with provable security. Files are encrypted using AES and RSA.
  • Cloud Secure
    An extra layer of security keeps files secure in the cloud services. Files are encrypted before being uploaded.
  • Secure Removal
    Original plain files are wiped immediately by secure delete methods after encryption. Chance of recovery after removal is minimized.
  • Battery Friendly
    Fileseal consumes minimal battery and CPU power as a background service in the device.
  • Has a Built-in Viewer
    Fileseal has a built-in image viewer and a file manager, allowing you to view your photos without exposing to external apps.
  • Run in Background
    Once you Setup, Fileseal does all you need in the background afterwards.
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