Ever felt the urge to remove an application off your Android device to free up some space for the last bit of music/media you’ve downloaded? The horrifying truth is that the stock Facebook application takes about a whooping 250 MB once downloaded (that’s about thrice the storage of Google+). Not only has Facebook let down the crazy social people, but has also affected the one’s who own a beastly spec’d device, but have troubles connecting to the server.

2G networks are a very common thing in places like India and Philippines, and even some parts of the USA (horrifying, I know). I myself prefer a 2G network rather than spending twice as much for a 3G or a 4G network. The data packets for some carriers are so slow that applications using the internet have hiccups when loading. Facebook is no exception. I’ve always had troubles connecting and loading my news feed on Facebook for Android while on a 2G network.

Great news to such people! Facebook has made available its Lite version of the same in more countries now! You can now grab Facebook Lite off the Google Play Store if it has been made available in your territory. Facebook Lite has an astonishing file size of 450 KB (what?!). A file which weighs less than half of an MB could perform the tasks Facebook does? Well, partially. Today, we’ll have a quick-look at what’s new in the Lite version of Facebook, and is it a deal to go with or not. The best way to judge that is by having a look at its advantages, and its cursed side.



  • As stated before, an Android device running low on storage can easily have this application downloaded.
  • It is really fast, lightning fast. 2G network works just great on Facebook Lite the way WiFi does on the normal application.
  • You have a quick-look at the status-updates that your friends/family share with you.
  • Images are included without any abrupt crop-issues. You even have option to change the quality of images for optimal usage (Low is best for slow-data packages).
  • Not only can you use the newsfeed, but you have the little messaging app built right into it. Thank goodness we don’t have a ‘Facebook Lite Messenger’.
  • You can view/accept friend requests like always. You can even have a look at your notifications just like you can on the full application.


While there are a lot of buffs with Facebook Lite, a look at the disadvantages is a must.


  • Besides the fact that you can do whatever the full version of the same application offers, there are still some parts where you might feel, “The full version was better”.
  • The design/UI is obviously potato-like (no offence) in-order to support old-phones and devices running on slow-data networks.
  • There is some lag while scrolling in your newsfeed. Might be a bug or a factor which makes it faster and easier to run on all Android devices.


As you can probably make out, Facebook Lite is obviously a better supplement of Facebook for Android. Many people might argue upon the fact that many of the Facebook features are gone with the Lite version, but hey, who needs annoying Candy Crush Saga game requests anyway?

Facebook Lite is available for free on the Google Play Store, and might or might not be available in your territory. If you have any queries regarding this quick-look at Facebook Lite, feel free to hit us down in the comments below.

Facebook Lite Price: Free

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