Ever mumbled a part of the song you don’t understand? There are many songs we tune in our daily life without actually knowing their lyrics and just enjoy rhythm. Life is so busy now  a days we don’t effort to attach a separate lyrics file. If you cross checked at least of the above then Musixmatch player is a perfect match for you.

The UI of the app is pretty neat and clean. We can experience the songs and just go  day dream. Whether it is a English song or one in a different language, almost every song is synced with Musixmatch. The interns have done a wonderful job with lyrics and the timing.

The music player has inbuilt equalizer which is very effective and please our eardrums. Usually, equalizers are found in paid versions but Musixmatch is kind player. It automatically updates the cover album from online album library.

The features which sets this player part is the sing mode, where you can disable the voice and can sing over the tune all by yourself. There are  horizontal bars to make a perfect balance between the vocals and the music. The experience gets better when with a bullet bass headset.


The Floating lyrics is yet another feature which makes it to a different standard, compatible with other music players lyrics pop up whenever you play a song on your device. If you find this annoying you can disable their integration with other players from Settings.


Musixmatch offers more than any other audio player. It allow us to organize tabs like albums, songs and artist at your will. The MusicID feature is very precise and edged. It’s like Shazam integrated with this player in orange flavor. The songs are ID’d and you can get necessary information instantly.Screenshot_2015-07-09-07-45-00

The player also have option to play music as soon as you connect your headphones. The recent update made it LOTR (Lord Of The Rings) of music players on Android. Guess what? With Musixmatch you can even lyrics a YouTube video now!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download your perfect music player.

Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music Price: Free

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