As an Android enthusiast, I am always the fan of Cyanogenmod and their themes. Cyanogenmod is a Custom OS based on Android and is the most popular Custom ROM in the Android community. Google had recently tried to buy the Cyanogenmod Inc., but failed. So you can understand how popular Cyanogenmod is.

Cyanogenmod is popular for its customization capabilities and theme support. OnePlus One is the Chinese device that came with a special version of Cyangenmod, the CM 11S. This version is specific to the OnePlus One and it is very beautiful. The UI is carefully designed and the theme of the device really attracts anyone who love AOSP.

The Lockscreen is one main attraction of the OnePlus One, the blue sliding locker is sleek and aesthetic in design. Many developers had ported this Lockscreen to many other devices. But only the blue lockscreen might lose the user’s interest in a matter of time. Thanks to rush25 of XDA developers, now you don’t need to stick to a single colour on your lockscreen.

The Dynamic Lockscreen Themes on OnePlus One is unique and not like other mods which change just the lockscreen colour. It adapts to the theme you’re using on your OnePlus One and changes the colour of the lockscreen itself. If you didn’t like the automatic lockscreen theme, you can adjust it as well.

Sounds intresting? Then let’s how to get this beautiful mod on your precious OnePlus One.


This Guide is intended only for the OnePlus One devices, not for any other variant or device of OnePlus. Be extra cautious when you choose the mods as flashing wrong mods might result in a bricked device. You alone are responsible for any consequences that might occur during the process. We shall not be held responsible for any damage to your device.


  1. Charge your OnePlus One above 60% battery level to avoid shut-downs during the process.
  2. A custom recovery to flash the mod → Click Here
  3. Take a nandroid backup of your device. If you’re not sure follow our guide → Click Here


  1. Download the Lockscreen mod and transfer it to the internal memory of the device.
  2. Reboot the device into the recovery mode and flash the Zip file. If you’re not sure on flashing the Zip file, follow our flashing guide → Click Here

That’s it, you now see beautiful coloured lockscreens on your OnePlus One.+

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