All pleasure lies in novelty and change. Without which these things, the beautiful and various world of ours might taste stale. This universal desire for newness and getting more of a thing is a common trait that we all share as human beings. If you do not change your phone or tablet device frequently every other month, you might get bored of the same user interface, home launcher, stock widgets and also the features that tempted you to go for that device while buying it.

Because it is not possible for most of us to keep changing our phones just for a change of taste, we have devised pretty logical ways of giving some fresh feel to the device we own through customization. It is this innate desire for novelty and change that makes us experiment with a variety of things on our digital companions. We try different cases and keep looking for new wallpapers, launchers, icon sets, themes, widgets and so on.

Those that have rooted their Android device and installed a custom recovery try custom ROMS, use use for a while in turn and then exclaim: “Oh, I have had enough of it!” Beautiful widgets, wallpapers and launchers are the most popular things to revamp your phone’s screen. Widgets are an essential part of Android that not only enhance its capabilities but also make it look beautiful.

Our love for new and cool widgets never seems to satiate and that is why there is always space for a new good widget app. Pimp Your Screen with Widgets app is a powerful pack of widgets for Android phones or tablets. It contains a variety of widgets that cam be used to beautify your device’s screen.

  • Clock and Weather widgets: Thinline, Digital, C-motion, Ultrasonic, Antique, Wordy
  • Battery widget
  • Handy Toggle Widgets: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Brightness, Silent mode, Airplane mode, Rotation lock, Vibration on/off



In the above screenshots, you can have a glimpse of just a few of many widgets from this app. The widgets are available in different sizes and several of them can even be further customized. Pimp Your Screen with Widgets is not a free app but it has been priced very cheap at the Google Play. By spending about $1, you get a big bunch of 25 widgets.

Give this app a whirl if you love customization and have a keen sense of beauty.

Sorry, this app is not available!

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