If you’re looking to share files from your PC to your phone, then there is nothing better than “Portal” by Pushbullet. But if you want to send files cross-platform within the mobile ecosystem, then “BitTorrent Shoot” takes the crown here.

The best thing about Shoot is that it works across all the three major mobile platforms- Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The way you share is really simple, you just launch the app and select the files you want. Then a QR Code is displayed on your screen.

For instance, if you want to transfer some photos then you can click share, then people will just scan this and receive it almost instantaneously. You can then view them within the app. Here is how you can send the images as per the Play Store listing’s screenshots:


It seems as though BitTorrent are attempting to shed the “piracy” tag associated with them, and I think that this is the first step towards it. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to transfer photos quickly for viewing cross platform, and since it bypasses the Cloud it is extremely fast and easy to use. I like this, because if I want to transfer files really quickly, then you can just do it without worrying if you have space on your cloud storage.

Another bonus is that if you are like me, and have friends on multiple platforms then this can be the one tool to transfer files (particularly any photos that you may take with them can  be viewed separately far quickly). During the time that I tested this app, I also have found another use for this, if you have another phone lying about that is rooted and can cast the screen, then you could use this as a projector to display images or even to play movies/videos directly!

There is one catch, however. After the first initial 3 sends, you have to pay $1.99  for Unlimited pushes. However, BitTorrent has stated that it will be free to receive any amount of sends, and that you won’t get any adverts either. Also, you can’t use this to send files between your PC and your phone unless you run an emulator. This is a shame in my opinion, since I really would’ve liked to just have one app to transfer files between phones and from my PC to my phone rather than having two.

Overall, I think that this app is really useful, but what do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Download the app by clicking below!

Sorry, this app is not available!

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