There are many situations when your friend might need some instant cash and you being a good friend help him out. But unfortunately you forget about in it few days and so does he. Well if you are a student these kinds of situations arise more often. Nearing the end of the month all of your pocket money has been used up and you need to borrow some cash from your roommates or friends to spend the last few days of the month. But somehow you forget to pay back him/her next month.

In  today’s smartphone era everything could be done in a smarter way using your smartphones. Here’s a smarter way to keep track of all the borrowing and lending you do in your day to  day life. Using this Android application you would need not remember who owe ‘s you by how much and what do you owe others.

Pay Back – IOU Manager, it keeps track of debts using simple and easy to use interface. It makes easy to remember all the money you have to pay back and receive. You just need to log the details of the transaction made and the application will save the details and will also do the calculations for you (when your friend pays back in installments). Here are few more useful features of the application:


  • Easy overview of all your debts
  • Material Design
  • Sync via NFC
  • See your total and individual balance
  • Optimized for Android Lollipop
  • Integrated with phone contacts
  • Set Reminders
  • Add notes

Being a student this application helped  me save and manage my money in a smarter way.  I just need to log in the details each time I lend/borrow some amount of money from my friends and forget about it. Then I can see all the details anytime using this application. It even has the option to set reminders , just in case when I needed to be reminded about paying back at  a particular time of the day.


payback_1 payback_2 payback_3 payback_4

Pay Back is a free to download application and has in app purchases to unlock full version. The free version has limited functionality, it allows debts with only 5 contacts to be saved. Also there is no cloud sync in the free version due to which no backups could be made. Do buy the full version if you find yourself in the situations mentioned above more often.

Pay Back - IOU Manager Price: Free

Download Pay Back on your smartphone and forget about ever forgetting the money you lend/borrowed from someone. Do leave us your feedback of the application in the comments section below.

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